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Every month we get together as a group for our Monthly Membership Meeting. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 9:30am (please contact the club for location, Children are welcome at all meetings and activities, so bring them along! At these meetings we address any necessary business, plan club activities and service projects, discuss and vote on club issues, socialize with each other, welcome diverse and interesting guest speakers, and enjoy refreshments provided by our Hospitality Committee. We also have Kids Korner with a new craft project each month and toys where children are welcome to play there for the duration of the meeting. Younger children and those who don't want to be separate from mom are welcome to stay in the Business Meeting area.

As a member you will receive a monthly newsletter, which will keep you informed about chapter news and activities.  You will notice that all activities are held during the day (with the exception of Moms Night Out) and children are always welcome. You may attend as many or as few activities as interests you or as your schedule allows. The newsletter will be mailed to you the last week of each month. We welcome any articles, activities, ideas, recipes, poems, quotes, etc that may be of interest to our members.

We are an organization specifically created for the purpose of Mothers-Offering-Mothers-Support. In that sense, every month our Helping Hands Coordinator organizes support for our members in many different ways. She is most known for arranging for our members to prepare five meals for a member's family after the birth of a new baby. But she may also organize members to baby-sit for a member's children or arrange for the club to send flowers or prepare meals if a member (or a family member of a member) is sick, hospitalized or there is a death in the family.  Additionally, she also organizes support groups of Moms who want to share common experiences or issues, such as premature deliveries, postpartum depression, early intervention/special education, adoption, pregnancy loss, etc) Please let her know if you would like to join one of the support groups or if there is any way our club may be able to support you. Supporting each other is what the MOMS Club is all about!

Volunteerism is a great way to meet others and our club strongly encourages each member to participate in some volunteer role. Not only will this allow each member to meet everyone, but also leads to the overall success of the organization! When you join you will be asked how YOU can help YOUR Club. Each member should give thought to what she wants in a MOMS Club and how she can contribute. Additionally, leadership opportunites are always available for all members and all open positions will be posted at general meetings, as well as, in the monthly newsletter.
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