Davis & Huffaker Family Trees- My Mother's Genealogy

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Davis & Huffaker

This site is dedicated to my mother's Family Tree Connections


DAVIS Family Tree Study:
Surnames and Pedigrees

HUFFAKER Family Tree:
Surnames and Pedigrees

Genealogy Photographs are now being separated into 2 different sections.
Thank you for your patience.

Hello Dear Relatives

Should you be kind enough to share documentation such as Original Photos, Birth, Marriage, Death Notices, Cemetery Records, Naturalization Certificates, Passport Records, Passenger Lists, and anything else having to do with Family History, PLEASE give me advanced warning please as I have a small e-mail box.  Plus, I have copies of any of the Census Documents, which I have transcribed.  Please let me know if you want a digital copy of the image. 

You may send "hard-copies" regular mail to my mother.  I will return them to you after copying unless you are giving them to me.  

On the Family Tree Studies I am sorry there is not enough time for most non consanguineous additions except for spouses and those whose inclusion is essential to the understanding of these Family Tree Connections.   

Thank you and Kindest Regards to All, 

Paula Marie Nigro Brown


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Saturday, May 15, 2004