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What is MOMS Club?

The club offers support, friendship, fun activities and informative meetings to at-home mothers, although working moms who feel the club meets their needs are also welcome. We applaud your choice to stay home, and we’re here to support you. 


We’d like to invite you to be a member too!


For more information, please contact our

Membership Vice President Kate at


The MOMS Club® of Kentwood, Cascade, Caledonia, MI is a non-profit support group of volunteer moms just for you, the stay-at-home mother of today.  Here are some reasons MOMS Club is special!


· The MOMS Club® is the only international support group for at-home mothers.  We understand the pressures that at home moms face on a daily basis. 


· More than 2,000 chapters with 100,000 members in seven countries offer support for stay-at-home moms.


· MOMS Club® is available for stay-at-home moms with any age childrenYou don’t have to leave the club just because your kids go to school.


· We are the first, largest and fastest growing support group specifically for ALL at-home-mothers.




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