Playgroup Guidelines
Revised May 2005

The following playgroup guidelines were designed to accommodate both the hostess and the playgroup guests.

1. Participation in a playgroup is available to all MOMS Club® members in good standing with a signed liability form on file. (MOMS Club International rule)

2. All members present at a playgroup will be responsible for signing the MOMS Club permission form. The host mom shall provide this and return it to the Secretary. (MOMS Club International rule)

3. Playgroups usually meet on a regular day and time at the location of their choice. Each playgroup will decide when and where they will meet. The coordinator of the group should report this to the Activities Calendar coordinator by the newsletter deadline, and it will be added to the MOMS Club calendar. Playgroups may meet       simultaneously but events designed for the whole club should not occur at the same time as these activity groups (by-law interpretation from state coordinator for MOMS Club International).

4. The playgroup will be successful only when each member hosts the playgroup in her home on a rotating schedule as part of participating in the playgroup. If you are a member of more than one MOMS Club playgroup, the club asks you to host similarly for any and all groups in which you participate.

5. If you cannot host a playgroup on your assigned week, either switch with another playgroup member or present to the other members an alternative meeting location.

6. Please, RSVP to the playgroup hostess no later than 7 p.m. the evening before the scheduled playgroup day.

7. Do not cancel playgroup, even if only one other mom can attend. That is still valuable playtime for your children and valuable social time for you. Lastly, the playgroup will be a great opportunity for you to learn about another member and her children very well. (MOMS Club International recommendation)

8. If you or your child is sick, do not attend playgroup. Follow our
Sick Kid & Mommy Policy. We must be firm about health to ensure the safety of our pregnant members, infants, children and moms. The hostess has the right to refuse entry to a sick child based on her judgment. We define sick as the following:
Fever, diarrhea or vomiting within the last 24 hours
Cloudy, yellow or green nasal drainage (unless on antibiotics for at least 24 hours)
Pink eye (conjunctivitis)
Unexplained rash (ringworm, boils, etc.)
In the case of ear infections, colds, allergies, etc., please use your best judgment. Even though your child may not be contagious, he/she may not feel up to all the interaction.

9. Abide by the hosting mom's house rules. She can remind children of the house rules so that everyone is aware of them. At a minimum, use the following guidelines:
= Eat and drink in the designated areas.
= Don't bring sticky, messy snacks to playgroup.
= Use non-drip sippy cups for drinks.
= Remain within the designated play area of the house.
= That area should be childproof in order to ensure the safety of other children.
= Respect the ending time of the playgroup and begin clean up 10 minutes before that time. Playgroups last 2 hours.

10. It is each mother's responsibility to discourage aggressive, inappropriate behavior.
= If, after 3 verbal warnings from you or another mother, the behavior continues, it is usually best to leave the playgroup for the day. 
= If your child is having a "bad day", it is your responsibly, as the child's mother, to watch your child closely.
= If you need to discipline your child, please remove him/her from the room. Let's keep the disciplinary process private. Not everyone disciplines the same way, and children may respond to you better without "other eyes" watching the interaction.
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