MOMS Club of Richmond/Greatwood, TX

                                                Welcome to The MOMS Club of Richmond/Greatwood, Texas!

                                                The MOMS Club, (Moms Offering Moms Support) is an international, nonprofit
                                                organization with more than 1,400 chapters across the world and over 65,000
                                                members.  We are the only international support group aimed at providing support
                                                for at-home moms, including those who work part-time.  We help you feel good
                                                about your decision to stay home with your children and give you the opportunity to
                                                share activities with other at-home mothers and their children!  It is a wonderful
                                                way for you to meet other at-home moms as well as a fun way for your children to
                                                meet other children.

                                                Our chapter activities meet during the day because that's when mothers-at-home
                                                most need their support!   And children are allowed at all MOMS Club
                                                activities!  Prospective members are allowed to attend one business meeting and
                                                one public group activity before deciding to join.  Our dues are $25 per year and
                                                pay for room rentals, postage and supplies and programs.  We understand that
                                                being a mother-at-home often means a tight family budget, so if the dues would be
                                                a hardship for your family, please talk to one of our officers.

                                                We have an incredible motivation behind our chapter and that is our children.  We
                                                want the opportunity to raise them in a loving and safe environment with positive
                                                role models.  At the MOMS Club of Richmond/Greatwood, Texas we are able to
                                                do just that.  We hope to meet you and your children soon!

                The Greatwood/Richmond MOMS Club and the International MOMS Club
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Updated March 2002.