MOMS Club of West Los Angeles, CA

MOMS Club of West Los Angeles, California is a chapter of International MOMS Club.  We are "
Moms Offering Moms Support." MOMS Club is a non-profit support group for stay-at-home mothers and mothers working part-time in West Los Angeles.  Mothers of any age children are welcome.  We currently have 60 members, with new moms joining us every month.

Most of our activities and events are during the day when stay-at-home moms need support the most. Children are invited to attend meetings, activities, and events. We have several playgroups to choose from based on age. As a MOMS Club member, you will be invited to enjoy many activities each month, such as play-dates, field trips, musical events, story times, group walks, and a monthly Moms Night Out.  In addition, we strive  to make a difference in our community and set a positive example for our kids through meaningful service projects. 

We are local moms who come together to offer one another support, resources, and friendship.  As you raise your children and build a social network,
MOMS Club is here to support

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