Someone asked me what I was trying to accomplish with this page. Well, I dunno. I guess I just though this would be a neat way to express who and what I am. I have taken a lot of grief over the years about being a Stay-At-Home Mom. They ask, 'But what about YOU?'. You might as well ask an artist or a brick mason if he or she is not feeling secondary to his or her paints, bricks, mortar or canvas. A lot of people find great reward in a career in the outside world, I WAS one of those people. I have chosen to be what I am not as an addition to some sort of personal roster or resume to say in the end 'I have done it all'. I do not see this as a personal challenge. I have took on this very serious and difficult commitment with a great deal of consideration first. Some say being a parent is SO EASY. Well reproducing the human species for many is not so tough but that has little to do with parenting. Changing diapers, fixing lunches, doing the laundry though a bit taxing at times is still not parenting. Parenting is what is written between the lines. The fine nuances that help a human child become a 'human being'. I find my reward in the smiles on my children's faces, their ups and downs, accomplishments and failures. I see success when they grow not just in body but in mind and spirit. My reward is not a monetary income, not a job title , not a new car or a bigger house in a finer neighborhood. My reward is a better ME. I owe it all to my children. They give me more each day than any payroll job ever could. I know that when they reach adulthood I may be needed at times for 'fine tuning' but that the end product will be 3 wonderful human beings who exist to better the world they live in just by being who they are. Here on these pages are just a few of the things I have learned and enjoyed along the way. This, like life is a never finished, never perfect  project.
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Please bear with me. I am doing my best, and even I wouldn't ask more of any one but that!
I decided to do this like a book. Look here in my 'reference section' and see where it is you would like to go...
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