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Welcome everyone to my new page.  I had to leave the old homestead page cuz they started charging for webspace, and since I'm a poor artist/student, I had to find a new, free home.  So, we are gonna give This place a try for now!  Here we go!  Below are the links to my other pages, which are gonna be under consruction for quite a while, for I have a LOT of crap I'm moving from old home to new.   So please look around and enjoy as best you can!
ArtPage--The home for my artwork, commissions and personal stuff.
*Some of my TMNT art now posted!*

FanFics--where I keep my TMNT stories
*Point of Origin  AND most of  ZeroPoint now Posted!*

ns--Art I do for other people with the hopes of making some money someday
(Comming soo

#The_sewer_lair--The TMNT freeform Roll Play channel I have on mIRC.
*Rules now Posted!*

This page is almost always Going to be
The TMNT and all characters included are copyright to their creator(s).  The Mona Lisa artwork on this page is mine, and is copyright to me.  No borrowing without my permission heh heh.
This is MY universe, and here Venus DeMilo is NOT considered a TMNT.  Sorry folks I'm sure she's cool and all but them's the breaks.
Links!!--Here are some other cool pages!
TMNT Fanfic Archive--For all your TMNT Fanfic needs!
ZEROHOUR: By Blue--This is one of my most favorite fanfics in the world!  yay for Blue!  Go read it!  It's awesome!
Kim's Fics--Kim Garvin is also an amazing fic writer, and I'll post her addy once her site is up!
Mica's and Mandy's pages--those two little goofballs are silly, but lots of fun, and both have great pages...and run "Cracked Shell Productions"  And either one of both of them uses a version of MONA in their fics YAY!
Phishtar's page--Man talk about a lot of fic.  She has some long stories going on and they are all very cool!  check it out!  But keep an open mind PLEASE!  Some really old art of mine on her page too hee hee.
Offical TMNT page--it only makes sense to have a link to this place.  I don't go here often, but it's a nice page none the less.  Heh I won a T-shirt from there art contest a while back *Grins*
*I'm sure I'll have more links to post soon!  So keep checking back!*