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The Woodworkers Jig
The Woodworkers Jig, a homemade tool made out of scrap wood, build it to suite your needs large or small, find the center of boards, or make angle cut lines.
Tools Needed
- Saw.
- Drill.
- Combination Square.
- Screwdriver.
- 3/4 Fostner Bit or Spade Bit.
- 15/64 Drill Bit.
- 11/64 Drill Bit.
Hardware Needed
- (2) 9/32 Tnuts.
- (2) 9/32 Machine Bolts.
- (1) 1 1/2 Drywall Screw.
Cut list
- (2) 1" x 1" x 5" Arms.
- (1) 1 5/16" x 1 1/4" x 14" Pivot Piece.
The Parts
On the left in the picture you can see it does not take much to make this jig. #1(top) the Pivot Arm, #2 (left bottom) Side Arms, #3 (Right from top to bottom) T- Nuts, Screws, Drywall Screw.

The Side Arms
#1 Cut out your side arms if you haven't already the mesurements are 1" x 1" x 5"
#2 clamp the arm with a barclamp to a table or use a vise to hold it while drilling.
#3 find the exact center of the piece so that will be 2 1/2" and 1/2" mark your cross section use the parts list to see the center if you need to see the center.
#4 with a 3/4" fostner bit or spade bit drill about 1/4" into the arm.
#5 next drill all the way through the piece in the center of the hole already drilled with the fostner bit or spade bit.

The Pivot Piece
#1 Cut out your pivoit piece if you haven't already. the mesurements are 1 5/16" x 1/4" x 14"
#2 clamp the arm with a barclamp to a table or use a vise to hold it while drilling.
#3 Measure mark 1" on both ends and find the exact center
#4 Drill the ends you marked, and with a 11/65 drill bit all the way though the piece

The Pivot Piece 2
The pivot piece is not quite done yet the next two steps are required.
#1 Find the exact center of the Pivot piece and mark the intersection. witch is 7"
#2 use a 7/64 drill bit and drill all the way through the piece. doing this will keep the wood from possibly splitting.

Installing T-Nuts
To install the T-nuts into the arms use a hand clamp or vice with a sockett placed against the T-nut, this will push it right into place.

It's Finished
Now it's done, here's what it will look like. the last step is to sand the edges smooth and bush some varnish or whatever you desire on it.

How it Works
Make sure the center dywall screw is just touching the board you have placed it on, and set the arms so they are up against the edges of the board just like the illistration, they are the guides to keep it centered while moving the jig up and down the board. it works best if you pull it towards you while using it.

How it Works 2
if you look hard enough you can see the score line made by the jig.other things it can do is if you take one arm off you can use it as a adjustable t- square to mark angles, or score half circles, i haven't found everything it can do but im working on it. so stay tuned
Benchtop Woodworker 2000-2001
james p. ruby Owner