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monikeers are dying, there is nothing anyone can do, we are playing our last show on the 2nd of february 2005 at the globe in exeter, its kind of by the bus station in that its by a nearby car park. anyhow i'm not sure who else is playing yet, possibly kendal, maybe andy from grandma death/exeter pop underground's new project, we'll see i suppose. anyhow we should thank people like joe from loanshark, rupert (kendal's manager), tim lo-fi hi-fi and andy from exeter pop underground-particularly andy from exeter pop underground infact because he has been a good soul to us and given us LOTS of shows, thanks to you all (as well as others which i can't remember as i am writing this in html and its really distracting). anyway yeah, it might be never again before there is more news, so bye, see you on a local message board sometime.