This web site is in memory of my baby sister.   She was tragically killed by a DRUNK driver.  This is an enormous loss to my family.  My sister was a beautiful 19 year old woman.  I know that she was not meant to leave the world this way.   She had so much talent and personality - she had to have been meant to live to accomplish great things.
Here is a poem I wrote for Liz that my mom wanted me to put on this site.

Angel in the sky, Just tell me why.
My heart is shattered, Baby sister you're all that mattered.
I will always miss you, And never will forget you.
I wish I had been there, Just to stroke your hair.
But mostly to keep you safe, So you'd still be here in this place.
My heart will always ache, For a part of my soul you did take.
Please watch us from above, Beautiful sister fly like a dove.
Stay close so I can feel you near, Or I might not make it here.
You never knew just how much I cared, A special bond we always shared.
No on can replace, Your beautiful angelic face.
When I dream at night, I will try with all my might.
To dream we're together, like we never did sever.
But then I awake, And it's too much to take   Co. 2003 Mary Palmer
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This picture makes me think Liz who is now an eternal angel in Heaven.
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