3 Montana Sisters

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You know as well as I do
the value of a sisters' affections to each other;
there is nothing like it in this world.
- Charlotte Bronte

Photo of Lisa, Emily and Laura

We are three sisters -- Laura, Emily, and Lisa.
And we are forever friends.

Our Montana Flag!
Our Montana Flag

We grew up in Montana but now we're all scattered around the country. Laura's been on her own for several years, but we've managed to stay very close with email, phone, and visits. We thought it would be lots of fun to learn how to build a website and what better a theme than Sisters, Forever Friends. We'll add pages to include our Mom and Dad, relatives, friends, and pets. And of course we'll be featuring our individual interests and lifestyles.

Brew a cup of tea. Enjoy the music.
And have fun surfing around in our site.

Sisters Growing Up (not ready yet)
Laura's Page
Emily's Page
Lisa's Page
The Rest of the Family (not ready yet)

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