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Lest we forget...
Washington Collie Situation and the Dan Pierce Situation
As reported in one newspaper article, recurrent situation by former employee of the above mentioned Alaska Collie Breeders charged with 182 counts of animal cruelty, a dead dog was found in the kennel being cannibalized by other dogs!!!
And what about the dead dog found in the back of the trailer Holloween night????

To see a huge list of collies bred in a small amount of time,
go here to download collie data list. Click Welcome, then download collie data list, scroll down to the "V's"
These are only dogs registered by the breeders that survived
the age to be registered.
In the U.S. breeders are not responsible for registering all puppies produced by them. It can be left up to the new owner.

With permission: Visit
Swan Collies.
Please do not send hate mail to this person.
The stories are an enlightenment to this situation.
As a collie lover, I am thankful these collies were not
sent back to the breeder.

To Express your thoughts to
AKC, you may Fax them @ 919-816-4250
For Collie Club Of America:
Sally Futh or Mike Esch
American Working Collie Association
c/o Bethany Burke (Treasurer)
2807 Lee Trevino Court
Shalimar, Fla. 32579


Toole Co. Community Collie Rescue Fund
First State Bank Of Shelby
260 Main St.
Shelby, MT 59474

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Justice For Montana Collies!
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171 Collies, 11 cats and other dogs belonging to Alaska Breeders were seized by U.S. authorities. Breeders were charged with 182 counts of animal cruelty on 10/31/02
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Anyone with any information or contacts regarding this case
Please write to:
Deputy in charge:
Deputy Gates who can also be reached at:
Toole County Sheriff Dept.
P.O. Box 550
Shelby, Mt. USA 59474
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News Flash!
Athena and Jon Suspended From AKC For Life!!!!
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