Welcome Everyone

For those that don't know me.. my real name is Debbi-Lynn Earwicker, although I prefer to go by Lynn.
I have several different nicknames.. and although many are actually quite befitting of me.. I attempt to stick to msyeller..
Only my close family tend to refer to me as moo. Or in the case of my little one moomoo (thank you John!)
Of course that being said I have also grown very fond of being called a moo.. so it kind of makes you wonder.. lol..

I'm 28 years old.. and while that seems young I feel as though I have lived a lifetime most days.
I was born January 14, 1975 in a suburb of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.
I currently live in Dartmouth, NS .. and am eagerly waiting a residency change to the UK.
My husband John is from there..
And left behind is the other half of our family...

John and I met back in 1997 through an online chatroom.
I had been searching for an online cd site and stumbled onto a chatroom named Jitter.
It proved to be a happy mistake as I gained not only a husband, but a family.
John and I share a beautiful little girl together who's name is Jaimee-Lynn.
Poor kid is called mini by her daddy though... short for minimoo so you can see how we never really lose the cow references..
Jaimee is now 4 and it breaks my heart... lol.

We also share 3 other children from his first marriage...
Hollie-Marie who is the eldest at 19...
Richard John Charles who is stuck in the middle at 17...
And Carly Louise aka Titchy who is 16...

John's ex-wife Jan (Bexindra) and her husband Steve are also an integral part of our family.
Auntie Jan is Jaimee's godmother and my best friend.
Both Jan and Steve share a son named Tom who is also just like a big brother to Jaimee.
And who can forget little Lottie...
Lottie is Bexie's granddaughter.. and while I am fuzzy on the exact proper name she would be thought of as..
she is loved and really that's all that matters...

I am a registered nurse by profession.. but have not nursed since Feb 2001.
I am currently on long term disability due to a back injury I received.
I miss my job.. hard not to when you were doing your dream job...
But I firmly believe this is part of some big plan in the scheme of things..
And when I am meant to know what is to be I will...

I have many diverese interest...
They range from reading copious amounts of books..
to doing laundry and all that's in between.. lol.
I sound more then a little pathetic but to know me is to love me...
And to know me is to know there is someone worse out there then
I am addicted to Harry Potter worse then most kids are I think..
And am eagerly awaiting the next movie that is not out until June 4,2004. See? Pathetic.. lol

This website has been something I have sworn I would do for too many months to count..
And I am already being bombarded by the dragonlady to get it up and going.. lol.
I must admit though it's only a little daunting to work with the html compared to what I pictured..

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