Hey everyone!
I am in the middle of building my new site.
I am sorry for any problems you might have because of it.
I am adding a lot of new material. If you click on a dead
link it's because I have not finished the page.
My "blog" is a space for misc. crapt I feel like griping
about, and my poetry. The "gallery" page will be made
up of mostly my orginal Graphics, and web templets I
have found the time to make and put up for you to enjoy,
and my orginal art work. The "friends" page is dedicated to
my friends and their groups, web sites, and misc other
things. The "links" page of course will be for cool links
to graphics sites and whatever other neat places
I have found on the net. My graphics are free to
be used on "Personal" web pages. All I ask is for you
to place a link to my site "somewhere" on your site.
(It does NOT have to be on the same page)
As far as my art, and poetry, They are "COPYRIGHTED."
If you see something you want, please, contact me and
we will work out terms for fair use.

Blessed Be!
Sunday, March, 20, 2005

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