A New Theoretical Approach
to the Homeopathic Law of Similars

A new notion of fundamental mechanisms in immune system and biological clock activity is presented as underlying the means by which homeopathic substances effect cures. These mechanisms are not an expression of molecular biology, but transpire on the submolecular quantum frequency level of biological organization. The healthy state of the organism is dependent upon these frequency parameters functioning within specific ranges. Any factor that shifts these frequencies outside their normal range is disease inducing. Chronic shifts of this nature eventually produce tissue pathology. Homeopathic substances are described as effecting cures by returning the quantum frequencies to their normal range.
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Time-Logics of the Quantal Base State
in Homeopathic Potentization

Potentizing homeopathic substances beyond the Avogadro limit is a critical-state coherent process, wherein an element of active information cannot be considered identical to itself. Temporal ordering is paramount in transferring such information to and from the quantal base state, and requires m-valued logics and skew-parallel geometries to represent the identity transparency produced by the active temporal operators. In order to model the turbulent dynamics of dilution-succussion, the Hilbert space of quantum theory must be modified under m-valued logics such that a multivalued reference space becomes the informational ground, or quantal base state, decomposed and recomposed by operator-time. Such temporal operations inherently involve complex angular momentum exhange via “imaginary time”. This temporal-spin is a generalization of Dirac's “spin coordinate” and offers insight into how homeotherapeutic potency sustains itself indefinitely.
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Quantum Biophysics of
the Homeopathic Ozone Effect

This article was written in 1995 at the request of H. E. Sartori, M.D. Dr. Sartoriís career trajectory has followed a pattern similar to that of Wilhelm Reich. When a promising area of therapeutic application emerges, and research relative to it is suppressed, all too frequently the practitioner becomes isolated, is cast adrift, is unable to benefit from the usual give and take of organized research -- and clinical application is prevented from being undertaken in a supportive hospital setting. This pattern has repeated itself over and over in the history of medicine. Research in this area is not welcome for several reasons: (1) ozone therapy is a potential financial threat to producers of chemotherapeutic pharmaceuticals; (2) this research threatens to expose the role played in contemporary atmospheric ozone metabolism by the trillions of cubic feet of flared and unflared natural gas released over the past several decades from oil fields globally; (3) the premises behind this research constitute yet another threat to the prevailing medical model of degenerative disease, a threat from the more fundamental biophysical side as opposed to that which has long been present from psychosomatic medicine and the recently emerging field of psychoneuroimmunology.
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TimeWaste of Half-Objects
(First thoughts, 1986; Second thoughts, 1994:
in Colombo)

Most every morning Arthur Clarke strolled the park in Cinnamon Gardens and occasionally stopped for tea and conversation at my favorite stall in full view of a huge breadfruit tree harboring flying foxes. “What is that you have, T. S. Eliot?” I had begun a short story on a sheet lying partially across the book. The TimeWaste of HardySmear. HardySmear doesnít like people. He likes to timewaste his holoperts. Some such quantum sociology. “Met him, of course. Bloody damned thing they did to him, Iíd say.” Whatís that? “Letting H. L. Mencken edit his Wasteland. Mucked it up well enough, if you ask me.” You know, Iíve got this theory that Eliot could have prevented World War Two before he left Harvard in mid-1914. “Is that so?” Yes. You see, he didnít see it until much later, not until his handling of the half-object as avatarana in “The Dry Salvages”. “Well, think Iíll forego tea this morning. Another time, eh?” But he could never have written Four Quartets had he not realized what heíd done, or rather, not done. Quartets was an act of penance realized just as the event was coming on. Standing. “Cheerio.” Departing.
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…and Kissinger begat Phnom Penh, and Reagan
begat Jaffna, and … (or Why Conductivity of DNA is so Political)

The material on conductivity of DNA presented here could have been explicated in a sanitized, non-political fashion. To have done so, however, would have been such an iniquitous act of falsification as to have fatally compromised whatever inner spiritual work I might hope to conduct (with help of the radiation exchange properties of intra-neuronal and intra-perineural DNA) during the remainder of this incarnation and into the next. Recent experimental findings are interpreted relative to a twenty-year-old model. Improved experimental strategies are proposed. Since the late 1970s, it has been known that the quantum properties of DNA function like a scaled analogue of a photoacoustic spectroscope. Experimentally bombarding DNA with photons reproduces only a portion of the involved functional analogue.
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