…and Kissinger begat Phnom Penh,
and Reagan begat Jaffna,
and … (or Why Conductivity of DNA
is so Political)©

a Nazi soldier at the battle of Stalingrad
“What was it like when you were here before?” she asked.

“Well, having once been a student of Abdul Said at American Universityís School of International Service was total entré at the Ministry of Education. Being a personal friend of the Director of Security for the Port of Colombo had it advantages. Having introductions to the Portuguese community from a one-time copra plantation owner raised of British parents in Kelaniya, who, during World War Two, was Police Special Branch, MI5, insured welcome at musical occasions not on a par with Madredeus, surely, but nonetheless… When I arrived here in '86, the AirLanka jet that came in after my Thai Airlines flight was blown up on the tarmac killing a flock of Japanese honeymooners on their way to the Maldives. A few days later, ten minutes after I walked by, the International Telegraph Office was bombed, killing nearly a hundred people. Trapped in a retrograde, I felt like I was back in Saigon during Tet '68.”

This was said sitting over breakfast with a stunning redhead in a bright green sari at Haus Chandra in Mt. Lavinia.

“…and Kissinger begat Phnom Penh, and Reagan begat Jaffna, and…”

“What was that you said?” An elderly gentleman at the next table had been intensely ease-dropping.

“You mean about Reagan?” I asked, turning to him. He was tall, well preserved, straight-backed. Somewhere in his seventies. Speaking English with a European accent -- German, Austrian, Slav, perhaps.

“Reagan and Jaffna.”

“It was the Reagan bombing raid on Libya that brought about the demise of Rajiv Gandhi… I felt guilty, given that I predicted the assassination two years in advance.”

“You are speaking in riddles.”

“Sub rosa Israeli military advisors had long been urging a full-fledged invasion of the Jaffna Peninsula, but each time a step in that direction had been taken there was an international outcry and charges of a policy of genocide. Hence, no invasion could actually be mounted. The Reagan bombing raid was precedent setting; you could feel the earth shift beneath your feet in Colombo. Suddenly, invasion of the Jaffna Peninsula was psychologically acceptable. The human species had moved through another phase transition. Locally, in Sri Lanka and south India, the resultant consequences were inevitable -- even the sustained Sinhalese attack on the local echelons of the Colombo government in reaction to the engagement of the Indian Army, and the piles of burning bodies strung south along the Galle Road and north to Kelaniya each morning. There are certain inescapable costs of globalized forced deruralization and monoculture. Progress cannot be achieved without sacrifices at the periphery… Someone should have told them you donít run a successful local government interdiction effort without first infiltrating your oppositionís intelligence apparatus.”

The intensity of the old manís gaze turned white hot. “You were a part of the American Army? I heard you mention Saigon.”

“That, I was.”

“And you have such politics?”

My answer was forthright, as always. “The psychedelic anti-war street theater thespians grew up to become global monoculture advocates. The only human factors on the scene with sufficient moral courage to oppose cultural heat death and associated species cognitive suicide are local dictators and separatist movements.”

“We must talk.”

“Why is that?” I wanted to know.

“I have come here to Medicina Alternativa at Anton Jayasuriyaís invitation to lecture on things you should know about -- things only I can tell you.”

“What could you be lecturing about? Something military I am to surmise. You have a military background?” I was not really taking him seriously.

“I was a Nazi soldier at the Battle of Stalingrad.”

I sat back in my seat and looked closely at the man for a moment. “Well then, we were cut from the same cloth. I suspect you have an unusual subsequent personal history.”

“I became a medical doctor after the war and worked for several decades at the Albert Schweitzer Institute in Africa. I founded Yellow Cross International and have been associated with a childrenís hospital in Iraq for the past ten years.”

I nodded, taking him quite seriously now.

“What are you lecturing on?” he asked me, continuing his burning stare.

“Some theoretical perspectives on neuronal and perineural DNA radiation exchange and conductivity properties. What light these might throw on the periodic migration of acupuncture points as biological quantum field physical-region singularities. You may be aware that Anton never puts the needle into the same place twice.”

“You are an expert on such a technical subject?”

I shrugged. “I lectured on the topic at Tsukuba University outside Tokyo a few years ago, for whatever that is worth… So, what are you lecturing on?”

“Güntherís disease, a new form of radiation sickness I documented in Iraq following the Persian Gulf War.”

“Your name is Günther?”

“Horst Günther. And you?”

“Liana. Uh, uh, I mean Derek Dillon.”

That elicited a strange look. “I believe you may be in danger if you are freely lecturing on such subjects.”

I again sat back in my chair and looked closely at him for a moment. “There was a recent nearly successful attempt on my life, the manner of which raises such issues, though there is no way to be certain. It is unclear, for instance, why a drug-and-rob expert would force feed rat poison to an already unconscious victim who received a Micky Finn with a quantity of Rohypnol in it sufficient that the victim remained in a coma for over 72 hours; why all personal documents were taken in course of a meticulous room search; why the stolen Amex card was not used, though unreported for five days while the victim was in the hospital -- the apparent target of the assault being a laptop computer containing, as far as anyone in the immediate vicinity knew, the only copy of a 1700-page novel I was trying to get printed with grossly inadequate resources.”

“And yet you continue to talk with so little inhibition?”

“Itís a calculated risk. Larger issues of inner development than those of merely one lifetime are involved. I have learned that at this stage in the deteriorization of the Cartesian-Newtonian institutionalization every successful person is the enemy, because they are as mentally deformed as the system they have conspired with is corrupt… You have been faced with similar decisions.”

“Quite so,” he agreed. “I came here directly upon being released from the hospital. I was cut down by automatic weapons fire from a passing car while standing on a street corner in Germany.”

“Somehow I suspect Güntherís disease has something to do with the quantum properties of DNA,” I said, recognizing a fated meeting.

“I am here for two days only. You come to my lecture this afternoon. We will talk then.” With that, he rose and left the room.

Günther's disease
Three people showed up for his lecture, myself included. There was no interest in a clinical portrait of the illness caused by exposure to spent depleted uranium projectiles used in the Persian Gulf War. After a cursory account, he went back to his room and returned with a huge box of slides. For the next two hours his audience of three viewed a show every bit as gruesome, I feel sure, as the holocaust films the American Occupation Authorities required German elementary school children to view well into the 1950s -- only in this case the victims pictured were primarily children brought into Güntherís hospital. More necessary sacrifices at the periphery for the sake of progress toward global monoculture.

I was flooded with childhood memories of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing sites before they were fully restored to liveable habitats: my bomber-pilot father had made a point of carrying me along to see them. The moral lesson could have been one of several, and I never really ascertained which one was intended, though I am precisely aware of which one I received. Generally, thereís little talk after such an occasion between a father and a son.

After two hours immersed in such depressing images, I was not much in the mood for dinner, so we chatted over beer about the possible relation of my ideas concerning DNA to the emerging clinical portrait of Güntherís disease. At first, of course, he had thought the children had malnutrition or anemia or leukemia; he had imagined he was seeing all sorts of things he had seen in Africa. But no specific diagnosis held together and response to treatment was never characteristic of the given suspected disease he thought he was trying to cure. And the number of children continuing to be brought into the hospital with the syndrome was becoming staggering. In frustration, he went to the field to investigate. It was found that among the early cases seen at the hospital there was a common history: each of the children had collected shards of the anti-tank projectiles used in the war. Samples of these were eventually tested and found to be mildly radioactive. Through university contacts in Europe he was able to learn that twenty years earlier a German company had developed a method to extra-harden steel using depleted uranium. This method had apparently been employed to produce the projectiles used by the Americans in the war. While in Germany clarifying the facts of this, he held a press conference and described what he had discovered about Güntherís disease. The story hit the European press for one day and then disappeared. Very soon thereafter he was cut down on the street corner.

I told him that my ideas about the relationship of the quantum properties of DNA to immune signification and biological clocks suggested that mutational intrusions upon DNA were not required for disease pathogenesis; disease, particularly immunological disease, could be induced in absence of oxidative DNA damage. Some people will have genetic vulnerability to a particular frequency, others will not. I had read that electromagnetic pulse (EMP) warheads had been detonated over Iraq. A lot of chemical agents had also been dispersed. Perhaps he was seeing several related disease processes and had catalogued these under the rubric of one syndrome. According to my theoretical notions, shifting the frequency response cone of DNA makes the molecule immunologically alien, leading to formation of autoantibodies and later to formation of histologically specific anti-DNA antibodies. Since it is intraneuronal DNA in the brain stem reticular activating system which is most involved in mediating CNS-immune system interactions, one must suppose particular vulnerability of the RAS and centrencephalic integrating systems. This process is exemplified in radiational triggering of inherited DNA frequency anomalies (allopathically, “diatheses”; homeopathically, “miasms”) in onset of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). A shift in the frequency response cone can most effectively be induced by EMP radiation at very low intensity levels where resonance effects are achieved. This shift can also be chemically induced. I further noted that there have been rumors floating around for years that injection of pulverized depleted uranium has been used as an esoteric means of slow assassination. He found this rumor particularly distasteful and we discussed the fundamental incompatibility of simultaneously developing a cure for cancer (not to mention SLE, AIDS, MS, et cetera) and effective anti-personnel EMP weapons. He was interested in my ideas about DNAís quantum properties, but was currently absorbed with the issue of depleted uranium. We parted with promises to keep in contact.

When I returned to the U.S. months later, I did some research and discovered several reports in the free local New Mexico press of extensive local testing of depleted uranium projectiles in the period prior to outbreak of the Persian Gulf War. I also found a report in a local newspaper about an Army testing location for anti-personnel EMP weapons systems located in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., which had recently been shut down and ironically transformed into a nature preserve. EMP testing had transpired there since the early 1970s. It was the reporterís opinion that the local residents had EMP testing to thank for the nature preserve which otherwise would have become part of the built environment. I had kept my eyes open for reports around the D.C. area because I remembered reading in the Washington Post during the mid-1970s of local-citizen concern about naval testing of EMP weapons on the Chesapeake Bay, and I suspected there was considerable such testing going on in the area. If, as I knew, they had manufactured Agent Orange in an Alexandria waterfront location during the Vietnam War era, why would they refrain from testing EMP weapons at similar locations today? I was also aware that study of altered time rates of change of nucleotide bonding in dioxin-dosed cells was one easy way to look into the diatheses of SLE. After all, dioxin had been developed as a fertilizer during WWII, but was abandoned because it speeded up cellular metabolism to such an extent it killed the cell. The diatheses in question relative to SLE are the DNA quantum frequencies setting nucleotide transcription rates.

I wrote Günther several times, sending him material on conductivity of DNA and its likely clinical implications, but received no reply for approximately a year. In the response I now received, I learned that when he returned to Baghdad from Colombo, he gathered some projectile shards and took them to Germany for more detailed testing than could be done in Iraq, in order to further document his thesis. He was immediately arrested by the German authorities upon stepping off the aircraft and charged with carrying radioactive materials into the country without a permit (in a properly shielded container, of course). This was legally rather spurious, given that both the German and U.S. governments at the time maintained that no radioactive munitions had been used in the Persian Gulf War. Günther was kept in prison without trial for months, where his treatment verged on torture. He was eventually liberated after a major legal effort by friends and colleagues. He also had come down with symptoms of Güntherís disease, presumably from handling shards before understanding what he was dealing with. The material which follows is the content of discussions we never had the opportunity to engage in.

functional integration and DNA radiation exchange
Predictably, theoretical articles on biological superconductivity had pretty much dropped out of publicly available scientific literature in the early 1980s, but experimental work on DNA response to electromagnetic fields continued to be sporadically reported. My initial ideas on this subject came much earlier, while in the hospital during 1967 recovering from shrapnel wounds. Having been trained as a Special Forces medic, and having witnessed a few things in Viet Nam, I found myself not believing what I had been taught about functioning of the immune system. I had seen that extreme stress, that experience confounding belief, that chronic identity disequilibrium, that rage could cause white blood cell counts to spike well above 20,500, stay there for a week, and return in a matter of hours to normal, or drop well below normal, when, say, the rage was quenched by some proximal emotional event. I had seen fevers of 105 degrees come on, persist for days, and break in the same fashion, fevers which the doctors believed were indicative of Plasmodium falciparum, scrub typhus, post-surgical shock, septicemia or other such causes, when clearly the fevers were due to rage and only rage. Such fevers, after laboratory tests had failed to demonstrate any of the elements of the differential diagnosis, were inevitably classified FOUO, fever of undetermined origin. The thing most interesting about clinical medicine is how poorly case particulars conform to heuristic models of disease. Since so much of modern medicine is involved with reinforcing or enforcing the effects of state-instigated forced indoctrination -- be it of military personnel or the civil population -- I found myself doubly doubtful of the medical doctorís judgment on issues which threaten validity of the state-sanctioned medical model of disease. Moreover, I had never heard of a medical doctor who had actually experienced paranormal states of consciousness so often associated with the high-combat engaged in by the elite special service unit, the effects of which doctors so easily made pronouncements upon, and I therefore spontaneously experienced a sentiment of contempt. By mid-1968, I had entertained the notion that DNA inside the neuron cell was instrumental in mediating the responses I had observed. Some level of intersystemic integration involving neurohumoral stress reaction, biological clocks, immune response, genesis of the EEG, and psychosomatic interaction not presently contemplated clearly was involved. The question was: How could such integration be achieved? This is what I began trying to imagine. Radiation exchange by DNA certainly had to be a central feature.

I have no intention of telling a chronological story, presenting ideas syllogistically, step by step. I have found that nothing authentically creative ever happens chronologically or in reasoned binary syllogisms. Not only is it one form of scientific lying to communicate ideas as if this were actually the case, but it makes infrascience inevitable -- with help of military service funding, of course. The reader comes away with the mistaken impression that he understands. Only the purposes of infrascience are served by such purported understanding: inhumane use; alienating technologies; present wars, future wars, imaginary wars. Besides! who wants to attract non-creative minds -- service-funded or no, In-Q-It or no?

a range of beta values
From the perspective of the 1979 mathematical model of DNA in its superconductant state which I eventually co-authored, it seems obvious why researchers are getting a range of beta values with different DNA electron transfer experiments. They think they have a substance with an invariant index of conductivity at a given temperature, which index can be established via measurement. This is not likely to be the case in vitro, any more than in vivo. In the living cell, DNA molecules in different physical locations (nucleus, mitochondria), and therefore in different functional relationships, will have different levels of conductivity. These levels of conductivity will differ with histological type: muscle cells, collagen cells, et cetera. Moreover, each of these reference levels of conductivity will vary according to the changing radiative environment of the given DNA molecule. Why? Because the level of conductivity is a function of: [1] the EXACT mass properties of the sample (meaning experimental duplication requires the same base sequences, the same sugar-phosphate backbone “string length”, the same intercalated molecular attachments, and so on); [2] the frequency cone (frequency, wavelength, waveform, intensity) the sample is subjected to (meaning that the experiments need to be done in a Faraday cage using identical laser devices to deliver the photon); [3] establishment or non-establishment of resonance between the mass properties of the sample (a determinant of well-stacking versus limited-stacking) and the properties of the frequency cone to which the sample is subjected. Already, by 1979, Shteyer, et. al., had demonstrated in the laboratory that DNA could be switched on by only the right pulsed frequency cone (very low intensity EMP, that is).

It is likely that in Jacqueline Bartonís low beta value experiments, she created tuned circuits with the embedding frequency cones. Basically, what has been demonstrated by the corpus of experiments on electron-transport rates between metallointercalators of DNA is that the undisturbed molecule has the lowest beta value (decay of electronic coupling with distance). The more well-stacked the probes, the more the excited states are well-populated in the natural DNA bases -- the less, that is, the p-stacks of the moleculeís nucleotide staircase are disturbed -- then, the lower the beta value. Now, given that knowledge, stack resonance effects on top of well-p-stacking, natural orientation, and donor energetics! For any given sample, how could the properties of the frequency cone required to create a tuned circuit be determined? We are not just talking only donor energies here, but the whole embedding cone: which means in vitro ainít in vivo. Distance dependencies are sensitive to donor energies and to the other properties of the embedding frequency cone. Consider the superheterodyne (and screen grid in a radio tube) analogy: “We can set up our own transmitter very near the guy and blast his receiver with our own transmission. We keep changing the frequency until we happen to hit the one he is receiving on. At the very instant we hit it, the local oscillator circuit in his receiver will howl. Itíll put out a sound wave.” In the present case, the VERY RAPID quench of a glow is the analogue of the local oscillator circuit howl. There will be a very narrow range of high beta values with variations in the properties of the laser light used to blast the given DNA sample (this is Anthony Harrimanís 40,000 measurements [see Wu, 1999]; but, alas, one can hardly be surprised that sexual bias should subliminally vector preferences relative to intercalated versus pendent donors), and a sharp low-value down spike (the “howl”) if a given blast happens to hit the resonant “frequency” of the given sample.

Is there any way to predict ahead of time where the low-value down spike will come? According to the 1979 superconductant DNA model, when the tuned circuit oscillator resonance “hits”, the molecule starts to replicate. That is, the hit will correspond to the transition temperature of the given sample. My guess is that the negentropic resonance input maximizes phonon production, and that this maximization is necessary for the molecule to transit to its critical state. The superconductant DNA model establishes a mathematical relation between the critical temperature and the minimum time for spontaneous localization. In order to predict, given a known critical temperature, where the low-value down spike will come, it would be necessary to: [1] establish a mathematical relation between the minimum time and the beta value; [2] establish a mathematical relation between the minimum time and the frequency-wavelength of the incoming photon.

photoacoustic spectroscopy and DNA's fractal drum
Explaining why DNA is not a substance with “an invariant index of conductivity at a given temperature” is a much more fundamental task involving issues behind Heisenbergís indeterminacy relations and how virtual phonon exchange is permitted (as BCS describe) by indeterminacy. This would involve further insight into Dirac spin and the above mentioned minimum time. Indeterminacy is the single-valued-logic Hilbert space shadow of pencils of skew-parallels in m-valued-logic Hilbert space. In the mid-30s, neither Turing or Gödel would have blanched at this idea. But maybe the notion of skew-parallels requires too large an intuitive leap. Think, then, of skew-perpendicularity in relation to space-charge gradients.

A miniaturized microbarograph would be required for the immediate experimental task, and this device would have to mimic how the photoacoustic spectroscope is an analogue of the superconductant DNA model. Essentially, in listening to photosynthesis, a chloroplast (which contains DNA, of course) is put in a sealed plastic bag, bombarded with light which causes the chloroplast to change temperature, expand and contract, send out a pressure wave that causes the plastic bag to vibrate, which the instrument translates into audible sound. This is exactly analogous to the quantum properties, not only of superconductant DNA molecules, but also of p-electron parcels in the p-electron gas environment of the moleculeís p-stacks. Both the parcel and the molecule itself are pulse-code receivers and transmitters. One structure to receive the coherent waves transmitted by the DNA moleculeís p-electron parcel ensemble is certainly the cell membrane; another is very likely the cytoskeleton. If you want to hear the music of the nucleotide pairs, you put Jacqueline Barton's DNA sample inside a fractal drum (experimental analogue of a cell) inside a Faraday cage, bombard it with a photon, use Catherine Even's instrumentation to read the vibrations on the drum's liquid crystal tympanum, and translate that into audible sound using the apparatus from the photoacoustic spectroscope. Do this first with known sequences of nucleotide pairs to map the wave dynamics and you have a fast track way to read the genome. No viral clipping and pasting and so on. I am sure creating such a device would be no mere afternoon's work, but it seems to me likely doable. You put this together with Lipton's idea about the cell membrane being a liquid crystal semiconductor for reading frequencies and you have a good beginning on a wave-effect computer processor as a light/sound interaction device. Optical logic. Superconducting bio-junctions. All the buzz words. Moreover, in context of discussion of Isaacs' ideas on molecular indeterminacy in the 1997 homeopathy paper, there is a direct route seen on how to transform this liquid crystal semiconductor into a quantum processor utilizing m-valued logics. That is where the microtubules of the cytoskeleton come in, and ideas on Musculpt holography. Quantum tunneling (at synaptic and ephaptic junctions) is modeled by a multiplexed branching of a fiber optic microtubule into a pencil of skew-parallels defined in Hilbert space with Post's m-valued logics. When the optical fiber branches into a pencil of skew-parallels, it, by definition, leaves 3-space (tunnels), enters m-valued n-dimensional Hilbert space, wave-effect processes, then re-enters 3-space at the other side of the neural or perineural junction in parallel with vesicle diffusion: the partial redundancy of functional specificity and functional integration. Viewed in this fashion, the brain is a device in 3-space for receiving messages from m-valued n-dimensional Hilbert space. The most cost effective laboratory for studying all this is a flotation tank, with attached Musculpt laser projection dome as an experimental model of the dolphin's sonic-visioning system. Dolphins and whales donít live on this planet -- although they do occasionally visit. The whole Carl Sagan Hollywood popular science orientation to extraterrestrial life is laughably simple-minded. Space travel. Ponderable space even! Time travel. Passing-time even!

dimensionality collapse, fractal entrapment, solitons, and molecular diffusion
Resonant soliton coupling between the ambient frequency cone and the natural frequency of the mass properties of the DNA molecule collapse the space surrounding the double helix into a fractal-dimension array which corresponds to the prevailing p-frame sequence of the nucleotide staircase. This spatial, qua “biogravitational”, collapse is an integral part of binding recognition which constrains protein diffusion into bands via processes of fractal entrapment. But how does resonant soliton coupling achieve this collapse in dimensionality of space in the neighborhood of DNA? In the 1979 model of DNA in its superconductant state, the term relating to this collapse was b, the counterforce to the pressure gradient between levels of the p-electron gas environment of the moleculeís p-stacks. What is this b? Generally, it is gravitational acceleration. Could this be the case here also? Could some analogue of gravitational collapse transpire in a biological system? If so, the reduced protein diffusion dimensionality would be induced by acoustically-modified gravity wave modes propagating in the p-electron gas environment of the molecule in just the fashion hail is organized into bands by acoustically-modified gravity wave modes in the Earthís atmosphere. Basically, fractal entrapment would be a direct expression of General Relativity and initiated by a complex angular momentum signal communicated during resonant soliton coupling. The importance of this is that, just as it has been insupportable since the Aspect experiments to imagine electron transport as transpiring in simply-connected three-dimensional Newtonian space (i.e., alternative pathways), so now it is becoming increasingly insupportable to imagine molecular motions as transpiring in three-dimensional Newtonian space. Indeed, as early as 1969, Isaacs and Lamb argued that the variables describing molecular motion in living systems at normal pressures and temperatures are subject to Heisenbergís indeterminacy relation. This is exceedingly important to reaching an answer to the problem I posed for myself while in the hospital in 1967: How could such integration of functions as I had witnessed be achieved?

Molecular docking viewed through the lens of resonant soliton coupling suggests that the “memory” associated with a Poincarť recurrence has a lot to do with what the notion of distance is in electronic coupling. Self-induced transparency is a function of correlation length, which is essentially what the inverse of beta (decay of electronic coupling with distance) measures. Fermi-Ulam-Pasta vibrational modes are precisely the coherent waves generated by DNA in its superconductant state. Is this an on-or-off process, or are there graded levels of activity in reduction of dimensionality of space in the neighborhood of DNA helices? And what does it mean to measure a distance when the dimensionality of the space the distance exists in is not constant? Similar considerations, of course, apply to time reference. ALLLLLLLLLLL of this is Relativity stuff! Thatís why the wave-equation matrices in the appendix to the 1979 superconductant DNA model involve hypernumber arithmetics beyond Hamiltonís quaterions. Thatís why operator-time is invoked. You canít measure a distance when there is no dimensionality of the reference space at the time of measurement. At any time of measurement. But, you see, this thirty-year-old idea inevitably would synchronistically yield yet one more Copernican epicycle: not only do proteins have street addresses, they have American-style street addresses -- certainly not Japanese style! Of course, proteins still find their way to the prescribed destination by random, thermodynamic, heat-death-type forcing: postmen are not required to keep the classical limit inviolate. What time does to space at measurement: Thatís all, folks! Operator-time. You see, when Einstein removed the notion of force as a fundamental in physics, he meant it. Which means everywhere, everytime. An address tells you you are at the right place when you get there; it doesnít get you there. And random motion, even in the aggregate, wonít get you there at the right time most of the time -- only rarely.

skew-perpendicularity and zero-point donor energy
So, how do you get from force to field to operator-time modifying the properties of space? When the fractal-dimension nest is deep: Heisenberg indeterminacy. Simply stated: Because the work is independent of the path followed between two points, the force and field are conservative. The potential then has a definite value, is single-valued, that is. But when the dimensionality of the space collapses, the two points are not the two points, the path followed is not the path followed, the force and field are not conservative, the potential is not single-valued. In other words, the potential is multi-valued, what is conserved are invariants of classes of forces and fields, the path followed is a pencil of skew parallels, the two points are two sets of points, the space is laminated. High school honors physics: If change of potential equals zero for a certain small path, then the field cannot have a component along this path and must be perpendicular to the direction of such a path. Surfaces over which change of potential equals zero and potential is a constant are called equipotential surfaces. Thus, equipotential surfaces and lines of force are mutually perpendicular. But this is not the case in space subject to topological transformation and fractal collapse under operator-time. Change of potential becomes multivalued, and fiber bundles are required to describe the relationship between equipotential surfaces and lines of force. Skew-perpendicularity! The iceberg Heisenberg and Gödel saw the tip of. The virtual phonon exchange, responsible for the positive screening charge binding Cooper pairs in superconductivity, is permitted by the non-conservation of energy allowed by the uncertainty principle. But uncertainty is just a shadow of skew-perpendicularity! Skew-perpendicularity is charge creation, as Riemannís “lines of force trapped in the topology of space”: zero-point donor energy. This is a route from spacetime physics back to pregeometry as a “bucket of dust” -- m-valued-logic propositional dust in quantum biochemical processes, that is.

Lest we forget the moral dimension, and because we do insist upon an absolutely accurate depiction of the precipice the species and biosphere presently stands upon, I would like to quote a high ranking Pentagon official: “…surreptitious acquisition of DNA fingerprints”. This is a ten year-old statement. Given the above discussion, what does this statement suggest to you the reader? Reading DNA fingerprints sometime soon from a satellite? Targeting a smart projectile on a DNA fingerprint? Being a onetime targets analyst, it is clear to me there will not be a great deal of controversy over the targeting policy review agenda in this civilization based upon the dominance of the dumbest. What there will be is the unfounded utterances of Epignathus. But it canít be all bad if there are a few like Günther still around.

For Marja SÖ uh, uh, I mean Liana.


POSTSCRIPT, circa Summer of 2002

Three months before the 9/11 attacks on the WTC, there was briefly a corporate advertising billboard in downtown Los Angeles that featured a close-up photograph of a depleted-uranium-armored M1A1 battle tank with the following caption: “Without Employees Like You, We Wouldnít Be Able To Push Our Products”. Passing by the billboard fast enough to just register it, two thoughts zoomed through my awareness: (1) Thatís the most accurate advertising slogan Iíve ever seen; (2) Itís the functional equivalent of the “I Shall Return Dress” based on MacArthurís uniform and advertised at the back of The New Yorker with the caption “Return to the Forceful Forties!” that was so accurate a predictor of the Persian Gulf War.

This lead me again to think about Horst Günther. The last reference Iíd seen to him was in the 29 April Ď99 Christian Science Monitor article by Scott Peterson on depleted uranium (DU) projectiles. “In 1992, for instance, a German scientist found a spent DU bullet in the Iraqi desert and was later arrested and fined by a Berlin court for Ďreleasing ionizing radiation upon the publicí when he brought it home.” Thatís all Peterson had to say about Horst Günther. Amazing disinformation! But, well, I mean, itís REALLY HARD to be critical of Peterson who was the first journalist, and the only one so far as I know, to produce a somewhat rounded discussion of the depleted-uranium-projectile issue for publication in the Western media-- even if the article must be regarded as dissipative, as there to divert criticism of the media as being a mere propaganda organ of the U.S. government. (OSS-MO developed such propaganda techniques on behalf of the Office of War Information in da Good War, ya know, and most OSS-MO officers “retired” into high-level editorial positions in the American press. MO means “morale operations”. An Office of Strategic Influence, as recently proposed and scuttled, could have served only to put the myriad U.S. black propaganda efforts under a unified command structure.) This was seven years after my engagement in Colombo with Günther. And throughout this period, í92 to í99, I had sent many informative letters to an array of journalists, columnists, and veteranís groups -- to no avail, of course.

There is lavish evidence (e.g., that given in the above cited references; see also: Illustrated Terminology Glossary and Journal of Bioelectromagnetic Medicine and A Look At the Frequencies of Rife-related Plasma Emission Devices and Autogenic Discharge: Quantum Biological Considerations and Some Preliminary Considerations toward Development of a Mathematical Model of the Autogenic Brain Discharge as Spontaneous Localization in Quantum Measurement and Gerson Research Organization) that photons can have major effects upon functioning of DNA molecules (changing conductivity properties; altering transcription rates and hence biological clocks; shifting frequency response windows and thereby altering interactions between the immune system and the central nervous system), DNA molecules, for instance, located in the cells of the reticular activating system (RAS) of the brainstem (changes in the functioning of which are implicated in Gulf War Syndrome). These are changes in functioning of the DNA molecule that do not require ionizing radiation as a cause. Indeed, a whole year of taking megadoses of antioxidant food supplements (say, vitamin C or E) can be undermined by a moment of the right frequency window, wave form, and intensity of photon bombardment -- and killer-T-cell titers, essential to normative immune competency, have been demonstrated to decrease under such bombardment. If photons can cause such changes in functioning of the genetic molecule, why not alpha particles? It may be that DU dust particles must get inside the body to create oxidative damage (such as that long rumored to have occurred in those high-level American intelligence officials involved in the Bay of Pigs operation and subsequent events who died exhibiting symptoms of DU poisoning). Do DU dust particles need to get inside the body to create the sorts of non-oxidative damage that serve as triggers for onset of degenerative diseases, degenerative diseases like GŁntherís disease?

The above referenced aspects of the functioning of DNA are not only out of the cognitive field of fire of the biotechnology gurus (to indulge their favorite category of metaphors), but also out of range of what the critics of the biotech establishment focus their attention upon. The most dangerous thing about the “central dogma of molecular biology” is that it is a dogma of molecular biology ONLY. They tacitly and wrongly assume that properties of the SUBmolecular biology of the DNA molecule play, not only no significant role in genetics, but also no biological function whatsoever worth being concerned about. Barry Commonerís recent article in Harpers (“Unraveling the DNA Myth”, February, 2002) criticizing genetic engineering, as valid as it is, as important as it is, is very mild, indeed, compared to what would actually be said were functions of the quantum properties of the molecule adequately considered. The six million sacrificed on basis of the ideology of Nazi eugenics was small compared to the number of humans and other organisms that will fall as a result of hacking the genomes of so many organisms. The primary biological fallout will come from the submolecular intrusions associated with recombinant tinkering.

One must also consider the fact that toxic chemical exposure can shift outside the normal range the exact same biological frequency parameters at the submolecular, molecular, and cellular levels that ionizing, non-ionizing, and pulsed electromagnetic radiation can shift outside the normal range. Homeopathy is based on the idea that chemicals can shift these parameters back within the normal range. Whether or not homeopathic cure does, indeed, work is irrelevant to the fact that toxic chemical exposure can have the exact same effect as radiation exposure. Things that have the same effect can reinforce one another. Indeed, in some cases, without this reinforcement, the frequency parameter shift would not be of sufficient magnitude to become a chronic condition of the organism. Gulf War Syndrome, in many cases, therefore, may have involved low-level exposure to both toxic chemicals and DU -- meaning that studies of these exposure levels of one to the exclusion of the other, toxic chemicals or DU, would not demonstrate pathogenicity. The third combat factor -- besides toxic chemicals and DU -- used on the Persian Gulf War battlefield with undeniable ability to shift DNA frequency parameters is detonation of electromagnetic pulse warheads. There have been many subsequent studies similar to those conducted in the 1970s by Arie Shteyer, Louis Norton, Arthur Pilla, and Gideon Rodan (referenced above) demonstrating this to be the case.

As a one-time targets analyst, I can see a difference between localized dirty bomb exposure and three-hundred-plus tons of DU spread over a wide area. As the counter-terror threat analysts point out, the dirty bombís effects would be geographically circumscribed. Not so, the effects of the approximately one million 30-mm and 105-mm rounds of DU ordnance rained on Kuwait and Iraq by Allied Forces during the Persian Gulf War: the geographical circumscription here is not very circumscribed. Salting oil fields with radioactive materials having half-lives in the billions of years is not exactly the best of strategies in creation of nuclear dumps for DU. Indeed, just as I personally never knowingly get closer than six feet to an operating microwave oven and step well back from anyone using a microwave cellular telephone transmitter, I stayed off the Los Angeles freeways as much as possible after the Persian Gulf War, because, needless to say, the U.S. still imports crude oil from those alpha particle saturated Rumeila oil fields claimed by both Iraq and Kuwait as a result of British colonial subterfuge -- and I like the normative state of my DNA quantum wave properties too much to voluntarily have them shifted to some other state. A strange way for Americaís love affair with the automobile to come to an end.

Just as there are no real answers as to why a scamming U.S. Ambassador pre-approved the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait to smite the Kuwaitis in the Old Testament way for pumping Iraqi oil from the Rumeila oil fields (question of what belongs to whom in oil fields spanning a colonialist closed-circle-type non-fractal boundary being one legacy of British colonial subterfuge and the involved very grand larceny) or why Saddam was left in power at the end of the war (the certain outcome of disposing of him being by no means as locally destabilizing as official arguments argue from their 17th century “each against all” fear-of-the-tribe social contract theory Leviathan premises) WITHOUT looking at what was going on in Russia and between Russia and Germany at the time, both of which were deeply involved with Iraq, so, it is not possible to understand U.S. subterfuge about health undermining effects of exposure to depleted uranium projectiles WITHOUT considering how many talented young scientists have scientifically disappeared into the AFRRI (Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute), its precursors and allied agencies. What is the legacy of these disappeared? Back in the early Ď70s even the labs in the old red brick Smithsonian buildings on the quad were conducting radiation biology research (thought you were unmolested while contemplating Daliís “Last Supper” while on your lunch break, didnít you?).

As we all know, the disappeared have not been doing fundamental science, because all fundamental science gets published in the public domain; they have merely been developing defensive measures against probable offensive EMP weapons of probable future enemies, and the like. They have not been making man-made hot auroras, magnetic mirrors, and other components of HAARP under cover of a defensive ABM system. They have not been possessive about radiation producing severe local storms. They have not catalogued frequency response windows of organic molecules, histological types, and so on. They have no interest in “…surreptitious acquisition of DNA fingerprints”. They have developed no insight into radiobiological triggering of degenerative, autoimmune, immune competency, and chronic stress disorders, as this does not relate to the knowledge required to develop defenses against offensive anti-personnel EMP weapons systems, particularly such weapons systems targeted on a DNA fingerprint.

And none of this non-existent activity of the disappeared, which, being non-existent for decades, could not, therefore, have caused similar non-existent activity on part of the Russians or Germans (who originally developed the process by which DU is used to extra-harden steel and who have had by far the longest running tradition of studying biologically active frequency response windows: homeopathy) or had anything to do with the top-down Russian decision to jettison Eastern Europe, Russian-German involvements, Russian and German activities in Iraq, because we all know that political collapse of the Soviet Union was due to economic collapse of the Soviet Union under unrelenting pressure of the brilliant U.S. Containment Policy, the utter failure of the Soviet system, and the stupidity of the Russians for invading Afghanistan unprovoked by the non-existent actions of U.S. special service operatives that did not transpire there in the five years before the Russian invasion.

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