A Dynamical Theory Describing Superconductant DNA

A dynamical model describing DNA as superconductant is proposed. The status of superconductivity is described as being represented by a radiation-induced harmonic oscillation of a parcel of p-electrons between the reference level and critical temperatures. A set of field equations is used to describe the information exchange process mediated by a coherent wave phenomenon.
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Deautomatization and the Autogenic Discharge

It is theorized that there are two basic states of organization inherent in hierarchically organized organic systems. The one state is assumed to be of earlier phylogenetic origin than the other. The phylogenetically earlier state is characterized as being a state of deautomatization, of possessing an analog-type data system, and as being associated with a condition of non-equilibrium. The phylogenetically later state is characterized as a steady state of automatization, as possessing a digital-type data system, and as being associated with a condition of equilibrium. It is hypothesized that the growth and repair processes in such organic systems require continual transitions between these two states. The autogenic discharge is hypothesized to initiate and control these transitions.
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Autogenic Discharge: Quantum Biological Considerations

The stress reaction, biological rhythms, and the immune response are described as being interrelated through temporal factors which govern the functioning of the DNA molecule on the quantum level. This perspective implies that stress is any factor that disturbs self/non-self barriers encoded in the fundamental quantum frequencies. These frequencies are described as underlying the selection mechanism for synchronizing neurons in the generation of the EEG. This leads to the concept that autogenic discharge phenomena are involved in establishing and maintaining the fundamental quantum frequencies which insure integrated functioning of the immune and autonomic nervous systems.
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(for “Autogenic Discharge: Quantum Biological Considerations”)

Few at the 1981 Sixth Congress of the International College of Psychosomatic Medicine in Montreal understood the presentation on quantum biophysics of autogenic discharges. When, the following year, Wolfgang Luthe, M.D., began highlighting the involved ideas in a series of keynote addresses as one of the two most important developments in autogenic therapy over the past decade (“creativity mobilization” being the other), he found himself unable to adequately answer in banquet settings the large number of questions elicited from audiences. He, therefore, asked that a detailed glossary with illustrations be prepared which could be handed out in lieu of answering questions. Unfortunately, this glossary was never distributed because he died of a “silent heart attack” within a matter of days after receiving it in the mail. This was a tragic end to our correspondence, begun over one decade earlier.
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Toward a General Theory of Process
(circa May of 1977)

Generalizing on the basis of studies made of scale interactions leading to tornado genesis, it is maintained that the topological operations of the temporal curl upon space generate form. The contributions this concept may make toward formulation of a general theory of process are considered.
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The Discovery of a Superconductant Exchange
of Hydrothermodynamic Properties
Associated with a Limited Domain of the Atmosphere

(circa September of 1978)

A superconductant limited atmospheric domain is uniquely defined by the periodicity of an air parcel. The parcel is hypothesized to oscillate between the domainís reference level and critical temperatures, which are given by the average potential and equivalent potential temperatures, respectively. The time rate of change of the parcelís periodicity is established as the component of information transfer within the limited domain. The second-order time rate of change of parcel periodicity describes exchange of information between the (embedded) limited domain and its embedding domain(s). Quantum-Relativistic concepts are used to derive a dual set of wave equations descriptive of a coherent wave phenomenon. This derivation leads to an equivalence principle between electromagnetic, acoustic, and mass dynamics. Changing relative time frames between these three dynamic regimes are found to dictate spatial order such that superconductance is yielded at temperatures far above absolute zero. Actual atmospheric data verifies the mathematical model.
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Some Preliminary Considerations toward
Development of a Mathematical Model of
the Autogenic Brain Discharge as
Spontaneous Localization in Quantum Measurement

(circa November of 1980)

A macroquantum theory of biological information exchange is proposed. Evidence is considered which suggests information in biological systems is represented in complementary multivalued and single-valued modalities. A localization and fusion process is conceived as mediating transitions between these two basic modes. The function of the digital data system is hypothesized to be the reception and transmission of single-valued information. Information processing and storage is hypothesized to take place in a multivalued fashion in the analog data system, conceived as the quantum frequency domain of the organism. It is, therefore, suggested that no localized brain mechanism would be required as a fundamental physical substrate for conscious awareness. In context of this theory, it is proposed that the autogenic discharge is identical to the process of spontaneous localization in quantum measurement.
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Four Conversations in Genesis of “General Process”
and “Autogenic Discharge as Spontaneous Localization”

Mathematical doodles recording four representative conversations conducted between summer of 1975 and summer of 1977 are presented. Most such conversations transpired at one of several blackboards. A few were recorded on cocktail napkins.
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Musculpt: Reflections 40 Years Later

Wherein the inner history of the protagonistís engagement with music-sculpture is recounted.
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Econophysics: Reflections 35 Years Later

Wherein a picaresque account of the misadventures of the protagonist is displayed for its heuristic value, with little indulgence on part of the omniscient author in explication of the moral of the story: confabulations of conflated author and protagonist, themselves, perhaps, being the messages concatenated.
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Autogenic Discharge: Reflections 30 Years Later

Wherein the history of the protagonistís engagement with Autogenic Therapy is recounted.
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Tornado Genesis: Reflections 25 Years Later

A non-professional reaction to the negative impact of chaos theory upon numerical modeling of severe local storms.
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