VR, vitamin K, ETs, and the pathogenesis of
end-stage AMD syndrome(circa 1996)©

Americana Manifest Destiny Syndrome
(Societial Paroxysmal Disseminated Necrotizing Polyserositic Dyscrasia)
An apparently inherited meme-complex and multisystem scotomatous psychophysiologic syndrome of unknown etiology, characterized by recurrent episodes of febrile fulmination wherein individuals and population groups attempt to deny in aggressive paroxysms everything conflicting with the ego-construct and its group-mediated inflations -- the somatic symptoms being dependent upon the meme-compliment of individual and population corpus, the site and degree of organ or tissue involvement.

Etiology, Epidemiology, and Incidence
SPDNPD is a syndrome of unknown causes. A single vector or a variety of provocative insults triggering a disordered defense reaction may be responsible; genetic factors appear to be important diatheses.



Symptoms and Signs


Laboratory Findings




Course and Prognosis




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I do not analyze connections between external events (cause-effect or otherwise) as a primary prognosticative aid -- because I do not believe natural systems or historical processes transpire in that external-event-causing-external-event fashion. I look for “resonances” between internal states and external events as revealing a significant pattern. Then I ask myself : “What part of the revealed pattern is missing?” In this U.S. society right now, the SUBLIMINAL obsession with identity transparency is rising to proportions the species hasn't seen since the Weimar youth movement, only it is in the presently dominant medium (not the Weimar folksong lyrics studied by Peter Gay in his book WEIMAR CULTURE or Patcher's WEIMAR ETUDES). Each of the following films (most of which have come out in the last 3 years or so) deals with the subject as its central theme, and in every case it is handled in a regressed, obsessed, fear-ridden, compulsively grasping, falsifying fashion: Strange Days, Johnny Mnemonic, Lawnmower Man, The Matrix, Basic Instinct, 13th Floor, eXistenZ, Sliding Doors, The Double Life of Veronique, Being John Malkovich, Twin Falls Idaho. In Passion of Mind, the elderly psychiatrist makes the unfounded false assertion that the human mind is not structured to support multiple identity. In End of Days, identity transparency, as visually portrayed in the ménage-à-trois scene, is depicted as the work of the Devil: love to the point of experiencing the experience of the other person is not only a symptom of psychosis, but a mortal sin. One recurrent image used relative to identity transparency is that it transforms those involved into puppets on strings; another is the “snuff film” genre in its various new-tech incarnations. And, of course, the Hollywood-corrupted ketamine-dream of Cell. Hollow Man, too, there being a thematic association between invisibility and transparency. And The Sixth Day, given that cloning does have something to do with identity. There are a lot of details in these films that reflect an attempt by the writer/producer/director to grapple with the real underlying issues, a psychological failure at that attempt, and a reactionary recoil into regressive thematics. Contrast this regression with a rather more sophisticated contemporary German portrait of “Schrödinger's cat” in the recent German film Run Lola Run. A more recent and more elaborate example is the film about multiple personality disorder starring John Cusack, entitled Identity. Another recent example is Secret Window starring Johnny Depp. Since the issue of identity transparency is THE ISSUE which most distinguishes between “old” and “new” physics, the decisive entry of this theme into American popular culture (the culture of Globalization) in a regressed fashion is an exceptionally important prefigurative event: again, just as in the run-up to WWII, there will be mass behaviors emerge expressing the regression with which “thematic evasion” (to use the term related to abreaction in Autogenic Therapy) has organized dissimulation of identity transparency. The human species failed to assimilate this notion during the 19th century in higher mathematics; it failed to assimilate it in the 20th century in physics; in the 21st century, failure at assimilation in popular culture will have consequences beyond our present capacity to imagine. When even metaphors of authentic identity transparency are denied to experience in a society obsessed with technological (collective psychological) “projections” of identity transparency, that society will collectively transit to more regressed mere similes: Fight Club, for instance. WWIII will be more different from WWII than WWII was from WWI: it may minimally involve nation-state fighting nation-state, but its overall thematic organization will be governed by war against the very notion of the nation-state and its supranational-supracorporate agglomerations.

PICKING THIS UP AGAIN AFTER SIX OR SEVEN YEARS OF RELATIVE NEGLECT. I more or less stopped watching films after writing into the above numerous times. Burnout on Hollywood psychopathology. Check into the above-mentioned films from the perspective of AMD syndrome. You will be amazed. The details portrayed are truly staggering. Prefigurative, yes, prefigurative. That's what they were, what they yet are. Prefiguring pathology. Is that a mark of creativity? Sorry, but I didn't have the energy, or, more accurately, sufficient interest, to write psychoanalytic film reviews on each film mentioned. What do psychopathological contents of these films tell us about mindset of the scriptwriters and filmmakers, about personal worth -- not net worth -- of the actors and actresses who agree to participate for sake of their over-incomes, whatever media-directed philanthropy they might engage in? And there must be many more thematically-related films by now. That, I probably will never know much about -- as burnout has turned into disgust and contempt. Given that the mathematics and physics of projectors is generalizable, it is not surprising that films should be so filled with psychological projection and all the underlying complexities of the transference on the subject-object and cosmological levels. What is conscious, what is believed, what is directly experienced as external objects and events in the world out there flow from projection, identification, introjection, extrojection, displacement, transference and so on and so on. Why else has the quantum measurement problem been such a problem? Young Earth Creationism, for instance, is conscious ideational content introjected to a state of identification drawn upon suppression of decomposition of the m-logically-valued reference space by mathematical involutes. Atemporal involutory Genesis of the “Ray of Creation” -- Jacob's Ladder -- by topological decomposition of the universal grammar of The Word according to the diatonic “Law of Sevens” put into linear-time as a matter of days, a decomposition accomplished by The Ancient of Days (a misnomer if ever there was one). Manifest Destiny in the forms of the Form: ends in time as moments of matter and matters of moment. Just ask Husserl if this has anything to do with logic. Atemporal decomposition comes to its end as a demergent linear-time reference frame. How many basic topological shapes are allowed in a 2-space? Why three, isn't it? “Law of Threes”: the Trinity, the triad, the tritone. Grundgestalt! The Form at End Times (psychological displacement of atemporal mathematical involutes to a recursive linear-time-bound context) decomposed to its constituent forms. Abelian vs. non-Abelian? Non-commutative vs. commutative? Retrograde inversion? Abel out, animism gone; Abel in, paganism permitted. Not exactly known in topology by Abel's day, but certainly by days of Riemann -- ancient of days neither of these periods were. How many basic topological shapes in a 3-space? One for each of Cayley's eight-tuples, isn't it? Mathematicians and physicists these days are no less fundamentalist, no less evangelical than the religionists, be they Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, whatever. Nor less belligerent, given their involvements in weapons systems development. You think not? Buddy, you don't know what you don't know. Poincare's Conjecture about topological resolution of loops to singularities came in 1904, one year after Lukasiewicz published his first paper leading toward rigorous treatment of m-valued logics. There being processes of a collective unconscious, there being a Zeitgeist of the era, whatever era, it is irrelevant whether or not Poincare had direct conscious awareness of the content and implications of Lukasiewicz's paper of the previous year. And if you think not on this score, then you are betting the whole pot on slim evidence and bad odds against the eventuality of nuclear winter. The problem Poincare raised in the way he raised it and at the time he did so was the act of a mathematical fundamentalist, the formulation a variety of Young Earth Creationism within the field of topology. Anyone who regarded Cantor as Poincare did! And what about Perelman's Introjection-- uh, I mean Proof? Purified identity is the issue here, just as with the Nazi. And the only way purified identity -- a diversity of apparent shapes resolving to a sphere or some other basic shape -- can be maintained in topology is if and only if 2-valued logic is all the logic there is. Not only is entropic-negentropic disorder-order relative to the order -- ha-ha-ha! -- of logical-value employed, so is shape, topological shape. Oh God! shapeshifters riding on the back of non-selfsame numbers. The horror, the horror. The horror of such pagan animism. What I most need: Apocalypse Now! Where the impulse to holocaust? Contemporary topology, with all its problems and solutions, is a branch of mathematics that exists if and only if Lukasiewicz's Polish logics do not exist. Why else did the Nazis go to war? For them, however, the Königsberg Bridge was a bridge too far. Is this Königsberg? Is this Kaliningrad? My God! My God! If I can't specify the identity, if I can't purify the identity… if I can pull it, push it, twist it, compact it, shrink it -- without, of course, tearing it, cutting it, ripping it, pasting it -- and still I can't resolve it to German or Russian… My God! What is it? Can it even be? And where am I? In Königsberg? In Kaliningrad? What am I? Am I, even? And why else is so much work being put into this area today? Getting rid of the hugely psychologically debilitating, even disease inducing, Wheeler-Hawking notion of the black hole as cosmic-order-gobbler singularity is a scary venture. Were the black hole to become a computer, there is enormous risk that it could become an m-logically-valued computer -- which would introduce non-simple identity. God, oh God, not that! The best way to protect q-bits from insufferable m-logically-valued identity transparency -- and the necessarily involved non-selfsame numbers -- is with topological quantum computing. And the topology of the involved loops, knots, and braids can retain purified identity if and only if topology can be resolved to Poincare's Conjecture. Recursive generation for the non-Abelian; decomposition by involutes for the Abelian. And if this can't be done, this separation and suppression of the Abelian, imagine what is actually happening in the critical electron gas. My God! imagine what is happening in the electron gas core about which braids physiological-temperature helix-coil transition of superconductant DNA sugar-phosphate backbones! Or the similar braiding on another scale level leading to tornado genesis! No high-temperature superconductivity! I say. Millikelvins, please -- just puleeese -- for how else can non-selfsame stem-particles, which can become anything, uh, anyons, be tamed into 2-logically-valued computational substrates? And if they can't be so tamed, the only way, againe, to confirm simple-identity is recourse to bombing; for the bomb best proves locality spatially and temporally. What a brilliant algorithm! IED algorithm: beautiful, O so becoming. Just the sort of algorithm loved by cognitive zeros like the creator of 2-logically-valued black-against-white Star Wars and he who promoted his anti-this/anti-that program with the same moniker. Bomb them back unto the Young Earth! is what I say.

Dispensational pre-millennialism: Adhikara plus Buddhological sanzen, permission to enter the jurisdiction of competence. O, the Rapture! The fact that this collective tale of Saint Anthony's fire in mass psychology is a very old story, aftereffect, residual with many sequelae up unto the present memetime -- one saddleback-fever fulmination followed by another -- is itself of profound general significance: homotopy-equivalent if and only if homeomorphic. Topological inflammation of the covering-surface 3-manifold: skin of the beast. The Fundamentalist marriage of Christianism and Capitalism is a homotopic act engaged in by Oral, uh, Oral, ah… Ha-Ha-Gee! Falls Well that Rip van Imp. La-Ha-Ha-Yee! Hal-Lin' Hal-Lin'! Dar-Dar-Dee! Yet another and another and another protest ant. You have to restore scientific integrity before you can restore scientific integrity in policy making. Har-Har-Har-Dee! One early fulmination had the Laws of Manu an emergent property of corruption of decomposition by mathematical involutes. Why else study the Agamas, if not for such insights? Take a Schrödingeresque atemporal superposition -- stack of wave, wavicle, wave packet train, particle parcel, wavelet, wavelet packet -- onto and into a linear-time digression as hierarchical nesting and you get social castes, set of Indic or Diracian dominance relations. Atemporal-to-temporal yields its invariant: caste classes, order types. Clan, Caste, and Club. Domains and their signatures become dominions and their personifiers. Personification is itself the Devil: the brain-impaired's incapacity to experience psychological dimensions of sex: identity transparency as the Great Nihil that must be dispelled by short-circuit to orgasm, i.e., projected as the Devil. Therefore, name it and claim it like the dog does with the fire hydrant: incorporation of artifacts; mutilation behavior; ear collecting. Logic made into a story the brain-damaged can understand: linear-time evolution -- non-Darwinian, Darwinian, post-Darwinian. In principle the same fulmination by which Young Earth Creationism is emergent property generated from Genesis minus Cabalistic gematria. Different timeframes; different forcing functions. State of consciousness named is not the state of consciousness; Jerusalem named is no-Jerusalem; the Tao that can be spoken is not the Tao; the name of the King signifying the empty-center about which social autopoiesis spontaneously congeals cannot be spoken without violating the dispensation bestowed as benison of multiply-connected Buddhological space articulation. Later fulminations involve 3-sphere introjected as ego-sphere projected as simply-connected nation-state over a 3-manifold inducing a state of collective identification incorporating psychological deficit projected as national deficit leading to a law and capital movement as cognitive electrochemical defecation. Maintain the classical limit at all costs. In whose Adhikara is climate change? Certainly not in the dispensational jurisdiction of competence of acoustically-modified gravity-wave modes, words which could not be The Word. Deluge equals brain rain in autogenic discharge. The gods' truth, if not God's Truth. Truth-value evaluated to “Draw a distinction!” evaluated to identity transparency: hence, truth-value is of little or no logical-value. This is the barnyard-logic animism in Nature inducing the values-activist, values-voter back-reaction brain-rained as regression of decomposition as End Times. Decomposition over Jacob's Ladder is atemporal, Kairos in God's Truth, so it has to be the end of time -- if told as a story: Law of Sevens in seven dispensations equaling periods plus rapture plus seven-year tribulation plus the thousand-year Reich. If science has no integrity, it can't get its message across as a state of consciousness; that being the case, stories will be told, stories that name it to claim it. Amongst the Fosterites in the Land of Latter Rain, palavering preacher publicans practicing Polish polemics aplenty, whilst any second-comer would find Himself A Stranger in a Strange Land.

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