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Welcome to Todd's Lowrider Page, the home of Lowrider Showcars. Here you'll find some truly outstanding original pictures of Lowrider Showcars, extremely modified vehicles designed to be entered in Lowrider Competition Car Shows. We've also have included Tech Tips and Wiring Diagrams for setting up your own Lowrider.
My showcar
Coming Soon: Lowrider Magazine 1999 Super Show Pics

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New Pictures from the 1999 Lowrider Showcar Season
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Check out some unique pictures of lowrider showcars in my Lowrider Showcar Gallery. Lowrider Magazine has professional photographs. Other lowrider pages have low quality magazine-scanned pictures. My pictures are high-quality scans from my personal photo collection.

Tech Tips
Do you have plans to create your own lowrider? Here are some tips to help you build your own lowrider showcar.
Todd's Garage
Wiring Diagrams
Are you having trouble getting wiring diagrams from your local hydraulic shop? Check out my Custom Wiring Diagrams for setting up One to Four Pump Hydraulic setups including Switch Panels.

If you have any questions about wiring or pumps email me at Todd's Customizing

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