Pantheon: Norse Mythology

Asgard is one of the nine worlds and the homeland of the Aesir, the race of warrior gods. Located on the highest level of the Norse universe, it is surrounded by a high wall of stone blocks. The walls surrounding Asgard were built by Hrimthurs, who asked in payment the hand of Freya plus the sun and the moon. Odin agreed providing the walls be complete in six months. Hrimthurs had a magic horse, named Svadilfari, who helped him in his work. To Odin's (and the other gods, especially Freya's) horror, with but a few days left, Hrimthurs was almost finished. Loki, the trickster, turned himself into a mare and beguiled the stallion Svadilfari away. The job was not completed in time and no payment was given. Also, found on this level are the worlds of Alfheim and Vanaheim as well as Valhalla, an immense hall where warriors slain in battle await the final conflict.

The world tree Yggdrasil is also partially rooted here near the Urdar fountain, where the gods meet daily. The Norns, who decide the fates of all men, also live here and watch over the world tree Yggdrasil.

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