Pantheon: Norse Mythology

Hoenir, along with Odin and Lodur were the gods who created man. They had found a pieces of Ash and Elm wood along the beach to which Odin gave souls, Hoenir gave motion and Lodur gave the blood of life. These were the first man, Ask, and woman, Embla to live in Midgard. As these gods had created man, they felt it was their duty to watch over and protect them.

The long-legged god of the Aesir, known for his indecisiveness. He and the wise god Mimir were sent by the Aesir to the Vanir to seal their truce. The Vanir gladly accepted them and made Hoenir one of their leaders. Honir, however, was not as smart as the Aesir had claimed and relied heavily on Mimir. He gave noncommittal answers whenever Mimir was not around. Hoenir is one of the gods that will survive Ragnarok.

Also known as: Honir

See Also: Ask and Embla

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