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10/07/2000 - Welcome To Gogetenks' DragonBall Z Site.
Updated once again. If you noticed that strange things happened when you went to the sections, you won't notice it anymore. I fixed a lot of broken links, not working pictures, and other stuff like that. A lot of work, but finally done(I think). So, if you notice any problems still, please contact me and tell me.

09/25/2000 - The Launch.
It is finally updated. I have new sections which include the Movie Descriptions, Game Reviews, and the Family Trees. I also have new, and better pictures uploaded and added to my site. Roshi's Problem is finally FINISHED. It has enemies and an end!

WARNING: This site will appear wrongly proportioned if you do not have your display set to 800x600 and your internet window is maximized!

If you wish to contact me, or report any problems with the site, you can email me at squicklid@hotmail.com

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