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played by BRICE BECKHAM 

Wesley is the youngest of the Owens family and certainly the most notorious.  He relishes in making Mr. Belvedere's life miserable.The name of the show belongs to Mr. Belvedere, but Wesley T. Owens is without a doubt, the star of the show. 

Brice Beckham learned how to act at the age of 3. Five years later he was starring as Wesley, the youngest son in the George Owens family, in the 2oth Television Corporation series, Mr. Belvedere, not in its 6th season on ABC. 

Brice, who was born on Feb. 11, 1976 in Long Beach, Calif., had the acting bug implanted by his aunt Ellen Hicks who would describe certain emotions which he then would respond to by giving them back to her. He also learned to read by the age of 3, and by 4 he had expanded into doing cartoon character voices--his Donald Duck is drawing rave notices. 

He was enrolled in the GATE program at the Minnie Grant Elementary School in Long Beach and has studied piano, violin, recorder tap and ballet. Shortly before joining Mr. Belvedere, he guest starred as "Howie" in the Television series "Alice". He was a cub scout, loves soccer, is an excellent artist and hopes to someday go to art school. During the 1987 hiatus he was the voice of "Omar" on the cartoon, "Pound Puppies". 

During the long hiatus between seasons 4 and 5 (occasioned by the writer's strike), Brice starred on stage at Hollywood's Cast Theatre in "Quirks", co-starring with Kevin Scannel, Tanya Fenmore and Leslie Ray. When he isn't before the cameras, Brice attends Stephen Hill Junior School in Long Beach. 

He has since appeared in movies like "Two Teens and a Baby" and TV shows like "Wonder Years" and "Scrabble TV". 

Most Recent News: March 5 1999

Brice appeared on Entertainment Tonight in a "Where Are They Now?" segment. A similar feature which also includes Brice can be found in a just released issue of "People Magazine".

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