"Our Sex Education teacher's pregnant!"
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My Review of Tracy's feature film!
played by Tracy Wells

Heather Owens was played by Tracy Wells (born March 13, 1971). Heather is the only female child of the family and always seems to run into trouble with boys with her best friend Angela. Inspite of this, Heather has also shown exceptional compassion towards the needy including the aged and the homeless. 

Favorite Line: Wesley!! I'm going to KILL you!!

Tracy literally danced her way to a showbiz career. Beginning when she was eight years old, this Encino, California native began hoofing with a vengeance, taking as many as 15 dance lessons a week in disciplines ranging from tap to jazz to ballet. 
One of her instructors felt she would be perfect for commercials and arranged for an audition, resulting in a burgeoning career in commercials including her favorite--one with Michael Jackson for Pepsi Cola.

Her natural talents in singing and acting as well as dance branched off into stage, motion pictures and television, including roles in the feature films "Gremlins", "Annie" and "Pennies From Heaven". Her dancing talent was demonstrated several times in various episodes of Mr. Belvedere.

Prior to winning a regular role in the show, Tracy's other tv appearances include roles in "Fantasy", "Silver Spoons" with Ricky Shroeder, and "Young and the Restless" and "Grandpa Will You Run With Me."

Tracy, whose summer sessions eventually found her working as a counselor at a girls camp, pulled out all th stops during the hiatus between seasons number 5 and 6. First, she treated herself to a fantastic trip to Europe, stopping in France, Switzerlanda nd Italy before returning to star in an MGM-UA psycho-thriller, "After Midnight", produced by Highbar Productions.

She went on to appear in movies like Dragstrip Girl and Ravendance:Mirror Mirror 2. Tracy had her first baby Sarah in 1997. The cast and crew had a mini-reunion when they held a baby shower for her while she was pregnant. She is currenly doing voiceovers for commercials and animated shows. 

She loves getting letters so if you like, you can write to her at this address: 10635 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite #130, Los Angeles, CA 90025 USA 

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