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Klatchian Foreign Legion. The Klatchian Foreign Legion is a special force set up by Klatch to defend its vague desert borders against predatory neighbours and the D'regs, a nomadic desert tribe. The Legion accepts recruits from any country and is known as a refuge for the disgraced, the fugitive and the lovelorn. Its only currently known outpost is located approximately 85 miles northwest of Djelibeybi. It is said that people join the Klatchian Foreign Legion to forget everything (except sand) and this seems to work, because no one in the Klatchian Foreign Legion can remember why they are there. Or their name. Or their Rank. The Klatchian Foreign Legion has a famed drinking and marching song, which goes, 'Er?'

The base camp of the Klatchian Foreign Legion is located in the Ephebian Desert.
The vast deserts of Klatch will be where you will be carrying out the majority of your duties. Travel to the city of Djelibeybi and the surrounding area can more than provide for the needs of a soldier of the Legion Guard, on-duty or off. The temptations of large cities like Ankh-Morpork, a good day's travel, are many. Shops, stores, delights of the eye and others are some of the things you may hear whispered about the guard Headquarters. The challenges of combat along the road are many, however, and one would not be incorrect in labelling 'life' in Ankh-Morpork an even greater challenge, should you run afoul of the local law enforcement. Which you would not, being an outstanding member of the Legion. Right?

Whatever you may decide to do, know that you are representing the pride of Klatch, the very best of the rest. Young recruits who find themselves in great physical peril, be it in the execution of their duties or while representing Djelibeybi beyond her walls, should remember that help from your fairy godmother is never too far away.

I am a member of the KFL.

If you wish to join Be Prepared To Suffer. The Legionnaire's life has long been characterized by harsh discipline, low pay, scandalously inadequate supplies and support, impossible missions, and often suicidal tactics. The frontal assault was a favorite gambit, and bravado often substituted for common sense. Not to mention the lions and also the vultures that follow you around, hoping you'll be their next Snack Treat. Kill these bastards, as they offer mucho EXPERIENCE.

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