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The Muslim club was established in 1996, but due to the lack of the Muslim Community participation in LAGCC the Muslim Club became inactive until last year. With the increase Muslim population at LAGCC and all the Misconception going around a few individuals came together to restart the Muslim club. LAGCC was probably one of the last colleges to have a Muslim Club. After the reestablishment of the club the name was changed to M.S.A., which stands for Muslim Student Association, that is the universal name for all the Muslim Clubs in the United States. Since the reestablishment of the club the M.S.A. has become one of the most active clubs having over 30 events about Islam, establishing Salah in LAGCC and played a major role in acquiring the interfaith room. Together we are here today to thank everybody for supporting us and especially these few individuals who have voluntary dedicated their time and effort to make this happen.
Frequently Asked Questions about MSA

Q:What is MSA?
A: MSA stands for Muslim Students Association. It is an organization that serves to assist Muslims in their practice of Islam and endeavors to promote awareness of Islam.

Q: How do I become a member of MSA? ?
A: A: If you are a Muslim you are automatically a member of MSA since we represent Muslims on campus. However, all students are welcome to any of MSAs events, such as tafseer classes, halaqas, dinners, workshops, etc.

Q:Can non-Muslims attend MSA halaqas or meetings?
A: Non-Muslims are always welcome to come to events.

Q:What is Shura?
A: Shura is the executive board of MSA. It consists of President, Secretariat, and four committees: Budget, Education, On-campus, and Public Relations.

Q:Do I have to be part of Shura to be involved in MSA?
A: No. However, the committees of MSA need a lot of help. One person alone cannot do everything. You can be involved by attending events and/or being actively involved in helping these committees.

Q:Does being involved in MSA fulfill all of my responsibilities of being a Muslim?
A:No. MSA is just one of the means to get closer to Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) and worshipping Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He). Participation in MSA should not be your only means of Islamic consciousness. InshaAllah, you should be doing things in the community and in your house that will educate you and the people around you about Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) and Islam.

Q:In order to be a good Muslim do I have to be part of MSA?
A: No. The MSA is only one way of helping yourself to become a better Muslim. There are other ways that you can increase your Iman and Taqwa. MSA is always grateful to Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) to see Muslims taking steps in the right direction to better themselves.
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Ch65 2,3

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