(Simone is my friend that I met in Minnesota. We were in the same class back in Seminary, but I went to school in New York and she went to Israel. Simone is good friends with Eli Dorfman's mom [He was the boy who is Yossi's age who was hit by a car the week before we came.] On the plane home the flight attendent told me that her daughter had been in a coma for 3 months, and I wanted her to pass that message along to Eli's parents.)

You're amazing. In the midst of your pain you're worrying about others.

I think of you all the time and wanted to write...but I'm not nearly as eloquent as all those people who've signed your book online...so I just have been waiting and thinking about what I could say.

Yossi and your family changed our lives here so much ........... but I think you, in particular, have inspired so many. I think you've woken many of us up to the way we love our children. So often we choose to reprimand or discipline in ways that just don't show our love. We seem to think that there will always be tomorrow to make up for it. So many times I've let a child go off to the bus in a bad mood, knowing that Mommy is disappointed in him or her. But life is too short to make mistakes like that. I've learned from your sharing of your experiences and from the intense appreciation and love you show your children. I've learned from the positive way you approached everything and the way you think of others. You've really changed my life and behaviors. I think of you and Yossi and remind myself to be gentler with my children, less demanding or belittling. Our hugs are much more frequent, I smile more at them, I let things go that I wouldn't h! ave before. I wish that we could all will Yossi back to you, but until Moshiach comes, at least you should be reminded of one of the many good things that have come from Yossi's life.

Eli came home today. He hasn't woken up yet and I'm responsible for coordinating volunteers to help stimulate his senses. His name is Chaim Refoel Eliezer Aharon ben Tchira Fraida. The doctors don't give them any hope at all, his body is well but the braindamage is significant. Chira is having a very difficult time .. .. I think that you will indirectly have a very strong influence on her approach. I encourage her all the time to use your behavior as her model of strength and positive focus.

I'm sorry to talk your ear off. I'm sure the last thing you really want to hear about is someone else's problems. But I just don't want you to forget that even now when you may want to bury yourself under your covers, good is constantly being attributed to you and Yossi.

Hamakom yenachem...

All my love,

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