(I hope that the family of this camper doesn't get offended by this email. I only included it because I had heard half of the story of Yossi and this little boy. It gave me so much nachas to read how Yossi was able to look beyond the physical being and see the shining soul. I am truly so proud of him!-L)

hi. my name is shmully zand(alter yitzchok,s councelor)! 1st I just want to thank u 4 all the tramendouse chizuk you give to all of us. to see how much emunah and bitachon u and your family have. I want to tell u 1 thing: my camper was by far the scariest looking camper in camp! he was wheelchair confined , he bit, scratched, and threw his food all over the place. forget about the campers, but even the councelor's wouldn't come over. But every morning, me and alter waited anxiousely for his visit and smile that would set the tone for the day! There wasnt one concert that he would miss dancing with alter! he was and will bezras hashem continue to be a true inspiration and mora chesed (teacher of kindness) to all of us! Thanks so much for teaching him all this chesed and kindness which we all learn so much from! if u think i mght be able to do anything , please email me!!!!!

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