This is by far one of my favorite letters. It makes appreciate even more so all the prayers and good deeds that were offered both by those who knew him and those who never knew Yossi, but were touched by his story. (-L)

Rebbitzin Leah, AMV"SH,

I came to your web site relatively recently, having been referred to it by Reb Yisroel Blumenstein. The site, and what you have done is truly a kiddush HaShem. The number of t'hilim the amount of learning, and the number of mitzvos that were done because of Yossef Chaim A"H are truly remarkable. I would like to share with you an insight for which I have to thank Rov Reuven Drucker (from here in Highland Park, NJ, and Breuer's in New York).

Yossef Chaim was able to endure for a long while b'olam hazeh. Moreover, his levaya was delayed, allowing you time to return home. Chazal teach that for each mitzvah a person does he acquires an angel, who will precede him on his journey to the olam haemes announcing the mitzvah. Certainly the gates are very wide, but it took a long, long time for all the angels preceding Yossef Chaim to enter and be machriz his mitzvos and midos, hence the reason for the length of time.

His memory, as was is life, is a blessing.

Hamakom y'nachem eschem bsoch shar avlei tzion v'yerushalim.


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