Shauly's Home Page

For some reason, Shauly likes to close one eye in EVERY picture!


...This is me!


Shauly and his new brother


And if you think I am a clown from the picture above, look at this!

Shauly receiving his diploma(1998). He's an official graduate now.
Shauly and Papa at his graduation from Preschool this past June.
Happy Graduation, Shauly!

Anna Lee sent Shauly a graphic for his birthday!

Do you like my background of Arthur? He is my favorite friend!

Do you like Torah Tots? They have their own site.


You can play fun games here-


I can count much higher than this!:

Here is my favorite guy...Batman...
I just got new pj's, and here is the logo.

I also like Spiderman

(If you want to write to Shauly, please email me, his mom first. We have filters set up so that he can only receive email from the people in his address book. Thank you for understanding.) I've got my own email account. Please write to me! I love to get mail.

Please come back soon. We will try to keep you posted frequently.
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