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The star of this page ....

Sruli got to take a school picture with the big kids.
He is so handsome!

Thank you Anna Lee for the little "gift" for Sruli.

Here is a Sruli update! November 30, 2000

For the past year, maybe year and a half, Sruli has
been snoring up a storm. I used to be able to stand it,
but the last few weeks it has really gotten worse.
His doctor, Dr. Debbie, said that he was going to need
his adenoids taken out. We had to wait for him to turn
two. I took him back to his ENT (he had tubes put in
June of '99) to evaluate him. The ENT said that not
only does he need his adenoids removed, but he has a lot
of fluid in his ears again, and should get his tubes put
back in. (They fell out this past summer.) The doctor
also said that his tonsils were swollen. So this past
Monday, Dr. Tarrisidis put in new tubes, and removed
the tonsils and adenoids. Since that, the little guy
has barely snored. He came home from the hospital on
Tuesday. We have the same nurse that takes care of Yossi
coming twice a day to give him IV fluids. He did so
well in the hospital, but refused to drink at home.
Last night he did really well, and I am hoping that he
can have his IV removed. Sruli was on Tylenol with
Codeine, but he developed a reaction to it. So now he
is getting by on Motrin. I am hoping that he is starting
to feel better.

Here is a photo gallery of Sruli's first year

NEW as of October 8, 1999

sruli duncecap sruli

NEW AS OF July 1999


Sruli, just moments after he was born.

Papa gave Sruli his first bath.
We use the Leboyer method,
where the father gives a bath moments after the baby is born.

Here is my offical "hospital" picture.
I look exactly like Yossi Chaim and Shauly.

And now it's time to go home.
Papa dressed Sruli in the same outfit that both
Yossi Chaim and Shauly wore home. Mommy made her grand
exit wearing her favorite clothes... a robe!

The night before the baby's bris,
children come to say Shema (a Hebrew prayer) with the baby.
We invited some of the neighbor's kids.
Yossi Chaim was able to participate via the speaker phone
through our computer. After the children say the Shema
and a few other Torah passages, we handed out goodie bags
for all the kids.

Here is Mommy and Sruli, posing together for a shot.

My dad is hold Sruli just moments before the "big moment".

The kids gathered around Grandma Jean for a picture.

Rabbi Malka, the mohel, is holding Sruli while Rabbi Ron
gives Sruli his name.

Grandma is holding Sruli.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for letting us have Sruli's bris
in your house.

Just hanging around.

Ah, his first bath. Not a real bath,
because his cord hasn't fallen off yet.
We have a picture of every one of our kids
exactly like this. They all have a "Paley" face.

Here Sruli is awake.

I know that this isn't such a clear picture.
This is Sandi, my fathers girlfriend,
my dad, me, and Sruli.

updated November 14, 2000

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