.:. Story of Prophet Hud (alayhis salam) for Children .:.
Prophet Hud (alayhis salam)

Many years ago, there lived a very industrious, hardworking people. They were the people of Aad, and they built large and beautiful houses.

On every mountain, they had erected a tower and they were very proud of their beautiful buildings.

Among the people of Aad lived a man called Hud and Hud had been chosen by Allah as His prophet.

"Allah has sent me to you", Hud (alayhis salam) said to his people. "Allah has taught you all that you are able to do. He has also given you children and many animals. Therefore you should stop worshipping your false gods. Worship only Allah (subhanahu wa Ta'ala) and obey His commands.
Do good and do not commit wrongs and evil. Listen to what I say, for if you do not, I fear that a punishment will come upon you."

But the people of Aad scorned Hud (alayhis salam): "We are not going to listen to you", they scoffed. "We are not going to let our gods down, just because you tell us to. Who are you, anyway? You are nothing but a liar. If you are not a liar, then prove it: tell Allah to send us the punishment".

Hud (alayhis salam) was very sad and disappointed when he heard this.

"I am not a liar, I am the Prophet of Allah", he said,

"Do you think the houses you have built will last for ever? Remember that it is Allah Who has given you your fortunes. He is my Lord and your Lord and only in Him do I trust. I have already warned you before: If you don't obey Allah, He will choose some other people to take your place. Allah knows and hears everything".

But despite Hud (alayhis salam)'s warnings, the people of Aad went on worshipping their false gods.

Hud (alayhis salam) was very disappointed. He called his true companions together and with them, he left the people of Aad. In this way, as you shall soon see, Allah protected and preserved those who believed in Him.

Shortly afterwards, a huge black cloud appeared in the sky over the people of Aad. When the unbelievers of Aad saw it, they said: "This cloud is surely going to bring us some refreshing rain."

But they were very much mistaken. The cloud brought a terrible wind which killed them all.

The wind swept everything away. Nothing was left except a few large stones, which were the remains of the houses and towers. Therefore, it is of no use to build and make many things.

If one does not obey Allah, the punishment is sure to come, and all one has built will become ruins.

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