Islamic Stories for Children

Islamic Children's Stories

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  • Aminah Remembers Allah

  • Nabil's White Shoes

  • The Necklace

  • The Triple Filter Test

  • The Isra and Miraj

  • A Wise Young Boy

  • The Youth of the Cave

  • Hasan and Hussain Help an Old Man

  • Ali becomes a Muslim

  • The Story of Alqamah

  • The Little Ants

  • Abdullah ibn Mas'ud

  • Abu Huraira

  • Rumaysa bint Milhan

  • Abdullah ibn Abbas

  • Sa'ad ibn Abi Waqqas

  • The Three Dates

  • The Disobedient Man

  • The Proud Man's Garden

  • Masjid al-Nabi is Built

  • The Day that Umar wept

  • Umar and the crying Children

  • The Caliph's Clothes

  • The Old Woman and the Prophet (saw)

  • Prophet Muhammad (saw) and the Black Stone

  • The Prophet and His Grandchildren

  • The Seal of the Prophethood

  • The Day the Prophet Wept

  • The Hijrah to Madinah

  • The Isra and Mi'raj

  • The Prophet Comes to Madinah

  • The story of Maryam

  • A Surprise for Umm Khalid

  • A Great Friend of Children

  • The Prophet and The Bedouin Father

  • Stories of the Prophets

  • Prophet Yunus (alayhis salam)

  • Prophet Dawud (alayhis salam)

  • Prophet Sulaiman (alayhis salam)

  • Prophet Yusuf (alayhis salam)

  • Prophet Yahya (alayhis salam)

  • Prophet Isa (alayhis salam)

  • Stories for younger children

  • Prophet Adam (alayhis salam)

  • This page is devoted to stories for children with Islamic themes. If you have a story of your own that you would like to added to this page then please e-mail any for this collection! Stories with Islamic themes, based on ones found in the Qur'an, sunnah or elsewhere.

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