.:. Prophet Salih (alayhis salam) .:.
Prophet Salih (alayhis salam)

  • The people of Thamud where the Salih (alayhis salam) lived had beautiful gardens. Here there were springs, date palms and trees which had plenty of fruit. The houses of Thamud were carved into rocks and mountains.

    "Worship only Allah", Salih (alayhis salam) told his people. "You have no other god apart from Allah, so you should do good.
    I am giving you good advice: You should believe what I say, for Allah has made me His Prophet."

    But only those people of Thamud who were not rich and not strong believed, and did as Prophet Salih (alayhis salam) had said.

    The rich and powerful people of Thamud said to Salih (alayhis salam): "We don't believe what you say and we are not going to do as you advise. You are nothing but a man, just like any of us. If you are speaking the truth, then show us a sign."

    Salih (alayhis salam) brought a camel and said: "This camel will be a sign for you from Allah. Let her graze on Allah's meadow and let her drink when she is thirsty.
    Think of how good Allah has been to you and all that He has give to you. You should not do evil and cause trouble on this earth. If you do, a harsh punishment will fall upon you."

    Despite Salih (alayhis salam)'s instructions and teaching, the proud and powerful people of Thamud still refused to listen to him.

    Instead of leaving the camel in peace to graze in the meadow, they did a very cruel thing: They cut the tendons on her legs. Thus they openly broke Allah's command.

    Afterwards, they called Salih and said: "Now bring us the punishment of which you have been warning us, or we shall not believe that you are the Prophet of Allah." Salih (alayhis salam)'s promise of disaster came true.
    After three days, there was a terrible earthquake and all the evil-doers perished. Such was their punishment because they did not obey Allah.

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