.:. Story of Prophet Yunus (alayhis salam) for children .:.
Prophet Yunus (alayhis salam)

Prophet Yunus (alayhis salam) was sent by Allah to a big town where the people had forgotten Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'ala)'s orders and did many things which Allah had forbidden.

"You should believe only in Allah and obey only Him", Yunus (alayhis salam) told them. "You should worship Him alone and do good, otherwise a severe punishment will come upon you!"

But Yunus (alayhis salam) soon discovered that the people did not want to listen to him. He lost patience with them and left the town in anger.

Afterwards, Yunus (alayhis salam) decided to go across the sea, and boarded a ship for the voyage. But when the ship was in the middle of the ocean, Yunus (alayhis salam) suffered a great misfortune.

He was thrown overboard and swallowed up by an enormous fish!.

Fortunately, though, the fish had swallowed Yunus (alayhis salam) in one big gulp, so he landed in its stomach unhurt.

It was very dark inside the fish's stomach, and Yunus (alayhis salam) grew very fearful.
In his loneliness, he started to think over what had happened in the town, and came to realize that he should not have acted so hastily and in such a quick-tempered manner.

Instead, he should have stayed and kept on speaking to the people and ask them to return to Allah.

In this despair, Yunus (alayhis salam) started to pray with all his heart to Allah. He said;

"O Allah, there is no God apart from You. You alone do I praise and honour. I have done wrong; if You do not help me, I shall be lost for ever."
[surah ]

Allah hears the prayers of those who pray to Him and those who believe in Him.
Allah heard Yunus (alayhis salam)'s prayer, and he caused Yunus (alayhis salam) to come out of the fish's stomach, and to be swept by the waves of the sea onto the shore.

Poor Yunus (alayhis salam)was in a terrible state! He lay on the shore, weak, ill and helpless. He felt dreadfully miserable, but Allah caused a tree to grow and this tree provided Yunus (alayhis salam) with shade and nourishing fruits, alhamdulilah.

Before long, Yunus (alayhis salam) had recovered his health and strength.

When he was better, Allah sent Yunus (alayhis salam) back to the town. This time, though, the people there listened to Yunus (alayhis salam) when he told them: "You should believe in Allah and worship Him alone. You must do good."

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