Islamic Home Decoration

Abdul Wahid Hamid
from "Islam: The Natural Way"


The Islamic values of faith, love, compasssion, cleanliness and beauty all need to be nurtured in the home. Breifly, the ideal Muslim home would need to be:

  • Simple and not Ostentatious for the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said:
    "Eat, drink, give sadaqah and wear good clothes as long as these things do not invlove excess and arrogance"

  • Spacious, to allow privacy for parents and separate beds for children from the age of ten, for the noble Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) has advised:
    "Separate (your children's) beds when they are ten years of age." This is obviously to prevent such disgusting crimes and sinful behaviour as incest.

  • Clean, for the noble Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) has said that "Cleanliness is part of faith" and also "Purity is half of faith."

  • Beautiful and free from such things as statues or revolting pieces of art for the noble Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) has said
    "God is beautiful and loves beauty."

The ideal Muslim home is:

  • A place where there are the basic necessities of food and clothing (2: 233; 2:235-6), where meals are eaten together and where there is hospitality and generosity;

  • A place ehre the greeting of Peace (salam) is heard at dawn and at night and at times of going and coming.

  • A place where love, tenderness and mercy is the norm, for the Qur'an says
    "And we have made between you love and tenderness"

    A cheerful place, for "Smiling is charity", as the noble Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) has said

  • A place where the recitation of the Qur'an is heard daily and where knowledge is imparted and pursued.

  • A place where salat is performed and everyone, young and old, has a sense of time and place - time, in particular, related to the times of salat, and place - determined by the direction of the Qiblah.

This is the basic minimum.


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