Tafakkur -
Reflection and Contemplation

Islamic Articles


Muslim Character

o Do You Hate someone?
o Bad Company
o Pick Your Teeth!
o Smiling is Charity!
o All Virtues, big and small
o Coping with Problems
o Monks by night, Knights by day
o The Obsession with Materialism
o Before you Regret
o The Tongue and the Heart
o I Scratch Your Back, You Scratch Mine
o Perfecting one's Character
o We Must Love others to be Loved by God
o The Story of the Tongue
o Islamic Virtues
o Anger Medicine
o Lowest of the Low
o Dealing with Disappointment
o Qualities of a Friend
o How does Allah fit in the Picture?
o Don't Be a Religious Snob
o A Matter of Pride
o Islamic Manners
o Tips on attaining Patience
o Pulling up the blind
o The adab of visiting
o Insha'Allah, Insha'Allah
o Islamic Tarbiyyah of Children
o Humility in Knowledge
   and Arrogance in Ignorance

o Style Over Substance
o The Greatest Love of Your Life
o The Best of the Best
o The most beloved deeds


o The People of Taqwa
o Filling the Spiritual Void
o The 77 Branches of Faith
o Returning to Allah
o I Saw a Man from my People
o Sacrifice - The Making of a Muslim
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o The ettiquette of dealing with parents
o Save Your Family!
o A Tribute to Mothers
o Loving Your Parents
o The treatment of Parents
o The Ideal Husband
o Living the single life
o Fatherhood in Islam
o Families in Islam
o The Ideal Muslim Family
o Tafakkur - Reflection
o Taqwah
o Salam - The Islamic greeting
o Islamic Brotherhood
o Famous Hadith Collections
o I am Jenin
o 20 things sisters can do for
   Islam in the West

o Islam and the Consumer
o Waqfs or Continuous Charity
o Justice in Islam
o Interesting Islamic Facts
o The Goals of Da'wah
o Zakat - the most neglected duty?
o The Philosophy of Fasting
o The Power of Iman
o Battle of Uhud: a Victory, not a Defeat
o The Third Parent
o A Day in the Life of a Muslim...
o In the Spirit of Tradition
o What a Bad Servant is he...
o Chronology of Islam
  throughout History

o Ahadith on brotherhood
o Da'wah Effect
o Six rights of a Muslim
o Having Ease
o Suicide - It's Not An Escape!
o Recognise Women
o Volunteerism in Islam
o A-Z Steps to Leadership in Islam
o The Language of Islam
o Allah
o How can I help the Suffering Muslims?
o Enhancing the Image of Islam
o An Amazing Thing
o Easy Charity
o Keep Taking The Tablets
o The Trickle-Down Effect
o The Bond of Brotherhood
o Partying vs Praying: The Choice is Yours
o Trusting Allah
o The Importance of Laughter is No Joke!!
o Islam - The Easy Way
o Time is a sword - Strike a balance
o Islam preaches Tolerance not Terrorism
o Today, your little brother died
o The Struggle for One God
o United Colors of Islam
o Wilful Imaginings
o A'isha's Legacy
o A lesson to be learned


o Why the Hijab?
o A conversation about hijab
o How To Lower Our Gaze
o I've been Liberated!
o My body is my own business

Muslim Living

o Islamic Home Decoration
o Is Your Home an Islamic Home?
o Living Islam Daily
o Do you know someone who is ill?
Building Communities in Europe [1] - Talk by Prof. Tariq Ramadan - requires RealPlayer