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Welcome to the all new website for Thamel Nepali Language Institute. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, we hope you find it useful and informative, and that you consider visiting Nepal on one of our wide range of schemes. Please, if you have the time, fill out our response form, it helps us improve our service to others! If you have any problems, please email me at rcheesley@hotmail.com and I will sort them as soon as possible

Our Mission

"To become a leading provider of travel and learning activities in Nepal, covering a wide range of activities and price ranges, tailor made to suit YOUR budget.."

Company Profile

We are a small company, originally opened as a Nepali Language center. Of course, we still provided first class tuition for any length of time, and we also arrange trips and tours in and around Nepal, treks, safaris, rafting, parasailing, bungee jumping, pony trekking, religious and spiritual retreats, you name it, we'll find a way you can do it!

Our company is registered with the Nepalese Government, and all our staff are highly trained AND qualified in their job, which may not always be the case in other companies. If you wish to see a copy of our certification we would be more than happy to oblige.

We are jointly run from the UK and Nepal. Our representative in the UK is Miss Ruth Cheesley:

"Hi! I am responsible for running the website and for all communication in all foreign countries. I have been to Nepal several times, taught there and learnt Nepali at TNLI. I'm currently studying towards a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science at Essex University, UK. If you are interested in finding out more, just email me at rcheesley@hotmail.com and I will send you my phone number. It is always better to actually talk things over with someone before making big decisions, and I'm here to help! I am in constant communication with my colleagues in Nepal, so I can get the latest info from them about trek routes, safety etc. Hope to hear from you soon!"

Our representative from Nepal, and the owner and main teacher is Mr. Nabin Karki:

"Namaste! I am the owner and principle teacher of TNLI. I hold a degree in Nepali, and am also studying towards a PhD in Nepali. I have been teaching Nepali for...too long! I am very flexible in my approach to your learning, you dictate the speed and level of your learning. I am also a registered tourist guide. This does not just mean I can take people trekking, it means I can arrange everything and everything for you during your stay, and I know pretty much everything about Nepal you would ever want to know! I have very strong connections with Ruth over in the UK, and also with past students all over the world. We have had many satisfied customers who would be happy to chat to you about TNLI. Most importantly, I am not in this business to make lots of money from tourists. We charge the minimum amount possible to cover our overheads, and provided what we believe to be the highest, most personalized standard of teaching in Thamel. If you wish to know more about my qualifications or to ask anything related to Nepal, please feel free to email me at nabinkarkid@hotmail.com and I will reply as soon as possible.

Contact Information

There are several ways in which you can contact us. By far the easiest is email.

+44 1206 530879
+44 7740 284213
Postal address

Reg. Office, PO Box 6235, THAMEL, Kathmandu, Nepal

Electronic mail
General Information UK and others: rcheesley@hotmail.com
General Information Nepal: nabinkarkid@hotmail.com
Webmaster: rcheesley@hotmail.com, rvchee@essex.ac.uk


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