Hi, I'm Natalie. This page is just generally about me, and what's in my site. I hope you like it, and please sign my guestbook.
My family and friends mean more to me than anything in the world. I wouldn't be without any of them, even though sometimes (ok, quite often!) I feel like killing my brothers and sisters!! lol We stick together through anything and though we argue we love each other to bits, anyway that's family for ya! My brothers and sisters can be so sweet (but that's usually when they want something lol)
  Quite a few of my friends live in a different town and we're all quite busy now so I don't get to see them that much any more, but we do try! We like to do things together when we meet up, usually clubbing lately!
I've just finished college, after studying A-level ICT, psychology and photography, and I'm hoping to get good grades!
   I lov
e photography and really want to be a photographer, but first I'm planning to do it (photography) as a degree. It'll probably have to start off as a hobby but I do like to think I'm good at it! :) I'm getting started though, as a friend of mine has put some of my work up for sale in his shop (email me if you're interested in anything or want to know more). I also have space in an art shop lined up, and my A-level work is being sent away to be used as an example for moderation, as well as trying to start-up in the free-lance field.
   I took loads of photos when I was on
holiday with my family last Summer, here's some of the best pics.
  Obviously then, one of my hobbies is photography, which I love, but I also couldn't live without music, sports...internet lol
I like playing and watching most sports, and I listen to almost any kind of music. I DO NOT like classical though! One of my favourites at the moment is Eminem, who I went to see in concert in Milton Keynes in June.

Here are some cool links to some of my favourite websites!! :)
Pics of me
  I don't wanna do this whole website just about me, that would be boring, and I wanted to do something different. If u have any ideas of things that would make it more interesting then please put it in my guestbook!
  I've also been searchin the web for a laugh, so check out these
funny jokes and pictures, also make sure you go on the link below, it's great!!
CHECK THIS OUT- IT'S SO FUNNY!! (By the way, make sure u got ur sound up)
Also, some cool websites of my friends/family (just as good as the others so check 'em out :)