Natalie Grace Mai
~*~ 10 January 2004 ~*~

Already it is 2004.  Hard to believe that Natalie is now *FIVE* months old!!!  She is such a sweet baby ~ loves to laugh and giggle all the time.  She has a habit of squawking when we don't shovel the food in fast enough at mealtime, but other than that, she's laid back and easy-going.

She weighs almost 20 lbs and is around 26 inches tall. 

Big so far this month:  She found her feet and SHE SITS UP!!!!!

Pictures on them to see a bigger one open up in a new window.

Love, Zane & Traci

January 2nd
Who would guess that it's *winter*.  Natalie sunbathes in 79 degrees!
January 7th
She finds her toes.  We couldn't resist these pictures ~ so serious and they show off her chunkiness!!
January 10th
A big day . . .

SHE SITS UP ~ OK, with some support of her hands, but it was all her!!
January 10th
Rosy-cheeked Cutie!!