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Animation Vector Prime Quotes

“Borsk does what Borsk needs to do, at any given moment, to benefit Borsk.”
-Luke Skywalker

“You’ll beat this. You will. And you’ll have babies, and maybe soon after you, Jaina will have her own. And won’t that be fun? The three of us sitting around, trading stories, while Luke gets to babysit them all.”
-Leia Organa Solo to Mara Jade

“Do you think the New Republic is evil?”
“Neither good nor evil. But I don’t agree with all of their actions. Certainly individual communities have suffered at their hands, just like during the reign of the Emperor.”
-Anakin and Jacen Solo

“There is a difference between finding trouble in your path and going out of your way searching for it.”
-Jacen Solo

“You left him. You turned and ran away while Chewie stood his ground and died. Chewie, who had just done everything to save you. You left him!”
-Han to Anakin Solo

“I had built this bubble around us. Around all of us-you, me, Chewie, the kids, Luke, Mara, even Lando. Heck, even the stupid droids. We were all in it, you know. In it and safe, a cozy family. Nothing could hurt us—could really hurt us.”
-Han Solo

‘To Han Solo, the galaxy seemed a more dangerous place by far.’
-Last line of novel

“The kid can fly.”
-Han about Jaina Solo

“I just went halfway across the galaxy pulling one of them back, and now I’ve got the other two running off in another direction.”
-Han Solo regarding his kids

“Never seem to have a Death Star lying around when you need one.”
-Han Solo

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All excerts and quotes belong to R.A. Salvatore.
Animation Dark Tide I: Onslaught Quotes

“You’re telling us they used rocks to kill a star destroyer?”
-Borsk Fey’lya about the Yuuzhan Vong

“Yes, I know that issuing a recall lets everyone know who is in charge. I may not have been raised on Corellia where that sort of stuff comes naturally, but I am aware of it.”
“Good. And you know Kyp’s choosing to be the last to arrive means he fought you to the last.”
“Yes, caught that.”
-Luke Skywalker and Corran Horn

“Off to save the galaxy again, that’s my Leia.”
-Han Solo

“Sure. I can’t move a rock with my mind, but, boy, can I make that rock think it’s been moved.”
-Corran Horn

“There are some among Jedi that view strength as how far you can move something, or how easily you can break something. The real strength of a Jedi comes from within, from his heart and mind. Some Jedi move rocks just to prove they can move them, but the strongest Jedi don’t see any reason to move rocks when that isn’t going to solve the immediate problem.”
-Corran Horn

“Only fools or Jedi would cross a slashrat killing field. You’ve got lightsabers. That makes you Jedi. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re not also fools.”
-Anki Pace

“Don’t lie to me, Anakin. The desire to be out there saving the galaxy is in your blood so thick I can hear it screaming from here.”
-Mara Jade

“With my parents I could be a smuggler who saved the galaxy or a diplomat who saved the galaxy.”
-Jaina Solo

“Most of the time courage is just ignorance of what’s really going on.”
-Jacen Solo

‘Lesson one from this experience: Realize how much you don’t know.
Lesson two: Make sure to learn from lesson one.’
-Jacen Solo

“Out of the firefight, into the carbon freeze.”
-Anakin Solo

“I am so glad I found you and didn’t kill you.”
“Both of these things thrill me, too.”
-Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker

“Tell me a story of Belkadan and a Jedi Master with two blades.”
-Mara Jade to Luke Skywalker

“Liquids under pressure don’t boil when they should, and emotions tend to act the opposite way.”
-Danni Quee

“Ever broken a limb?”
“My leg.”
“You remember it hurt, right?”
“But you don’t remember how much it hurt. The mind is like that. You forget the really sharp pains so you’ll continue going on. Women forget the pain of childbirth or we’d all be only children.”
-Corran Horn and Ganner Rhysode.

“As they say on Tatooine, when being hunted by a krayt dragon, you don’t have to be faster than it is, you just have to be faster than the slowest guy in the group you’re with.”
-Corran Horn

“He described you as ‘two old guys.’”
“No respect among the young anymore, is there Tycho?”
“None, Wedge, none at all. Probably the fault of the command staff.”
-Gavin Darklighter, Wedge Antilles, and Tycho Celchu

“For now, I’m Jacen Solo.” What I will be in the future, however, is anyone’s guess.

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All excerts and quotes belong to Michael A. Stackpole.
Animation Dark Tide II: Ruin Quotes

“This is not a council of war. The Jedi do not go to war. We are protectors and defenders, not aggressors.”
-Luke Skywalker

“You need to be more subtle. Locate a partially blocked artery in his brain, then just pinch it off. Bang, he’s down and it’s over.”
“Now I’m really sorry I don’t have TK.
-Mara Jade Skywalker and Corran Horn about Kyp Durron

“Learn from things, don’t repeat mistakes.”
Anakin nodded, then resumed staring out the viewport. “Good things some mistakes can’t be repeated.”
-Jacen and Anakin Solo

‘Jacen had to have heard him utter the same line a hundred times, usually when things were grim, when the family needed tension broken. His father would smile, open his arms, and say, “It’s so quiet, did somebody die?”
That you can’t say that, Father, tells me just how bad it really is.’
-Jacen Solo

“A preemptive strike at a target, for example, is merely proactive defense.”
-Ganner Rhysode

“Now you’re going to tell me that you knew all this stuff because girls mature faster than boys.”
Women, Jacen, women mature faster than boys.”
-Jacen and Jaina Solo

“You can feel very bad, devastated, over the death of one person, but can you multiply that a billion times when a planet is destroyed?”
-Luke Skywalker

“Can you not imagine wanting to kill billions?”
“Not even to protect your family? To save your mother? Your father? Wouldn’t you trade the life of a billion Yuuzhan Vong to bring back Chewbacca?”
-Daeshara’cor and Anakin Solo

“I’ve heard the Pesktda Xenobotanical Garden is worth seeing.”
“Yeah, well, don’t figure you’re going to get time to read all the exhibit signs.”
“Hey, at least he thinks you can read.”
-Ganner Rhysode, Corran Horn, and Jacen Solo

“I’ll have a scar, and it will be good. The old Ganner, he had a perfect face over a perfectly arrogant attitude. Not so anymore. Every time I look in a mirror I’ll be reminded that he died at Garqi, and I’m here in his place.”
-Ganner Rhysode

“You saw what you wanted to see.”
-Jagged Fel

“You should return to the dais and greet those people you bypassed. They’re fairly important.”
“They’re politicians.”
“The impression is that you skipped them because they are not human.”
“If they believe I did not greet them because they are not human, they are stupid. I did not greet them because they are politicians.”
-Wedge Antilles and Jagged Fel

“If there ever comes a time when folks look forward to the return of the man who killed Ithor, well, we know that means the invasion is completely out of hand and things are truly beyond saving.”
-Corran Horn

“I came to fight a war, not to play political games.”
-Jagged Fel

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All excerts and quotes belong to Michael A. Stackpole.
Animation Agent of Chaos I: Hero’s Trial Quotes

“I’m too young to die.”
“Yeah, and I’m too well known.”
-Droma and Han Solo

“Sometimes it’s more painful to know the truth than not to know it.”
-Han Solo

“You can take the boy out of Corellia, but you can’t take Coreilla out of the boy.”
-Mara Jade Skywalker

“Han Solo. You’re saying you haven’t heard of me?”
“I may have. But we Ryn meet so many people.”
-Han Solo and Droma

“I can feel it coursing through me. It’s as if every cell in my body were being bathed in light. I think I’m healing Luke. I’m sure I’m healing.”
-Mara Jade Skywalker

“He has this need for confrontation, even when unnecessary.”
-Droma about Han Solo

“It’s funny the way things work out. You go in search of one thing and end up finding something else. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was the Force at work.”
-Han Solo

“Hey, Droma. We’ll find you sister, you know. Even if we have to search half the galaxy.”
-Han Solo

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All excerts and quotes belong to James Luceno.
Animation Agent of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse Quotes

I chose a two-fisted rogue without a credit to his name over a scion of pirates with pockets deep enough to finance his own war. And thank the stars for that.
-Leia Organa Solo

“Why would I want to be the one who fires the weapon when I can be the one who decides at whom the weapon is pointed?”
-Viqi Shesh

“I’ve seen the best bested Ta’a Chume.”
“I have to wonder to whom you’re referring. Your father, perhaps, bested by your brother; or my son, bested by the smuggler you helped make a hero.”
-Leia Organa Solo and Ta’a Chume

“Consider Luke Skywalker, for example. Looking at him, who would guess he possesses the power he does?”
-Randa Besadii Diori

“Rescue is our mandate.”
-Kyp Durron

“Drall’s lighter gravity is going to Jacen’s head. He’s convinced that our coming here is going to upset the balance of the Force or something.”
-Anakin Solo

“Leave it to a Jedi to take on the impossible.”
-Han Solo

“Fortune smiles, then betrays...then smiles once more.”

“I could have fired Centerpoint without hitting the Hapans. I saw it all, Jacen--in my head. I would have known where to direct the repulsor beam, and precisely when to fire.”
-Anakin Solo

“If someone is aiming a blaster at your ally, do you raise your ligthsaber to prevent it, or do you do nothing because a Jedi isn’t supposed to take aggressive action? I mean, where’s the line, Jacen? We’re in a war for survival , and defense sometimes means having to eliminate the opposition.”
-Anakin Solo

“If actions were always judged by their consequence, we’d spend half our lives making amends.”
-Luke Skywalker

“Do you think the Yuuzhan Vong realize what they’ve accomplished? They’ve sundered the Hutts, created a schism in the senate, taken the Hapans out of the war, sabotaged the import of the Jedi. Did you have any inkling it could end this way?”
“The future isn’t fixed. It’s made up of possibilities. I saw without seeing.”
-Talon Karrde and Luke Skywalker

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All excerts and quotes belong to James Luceno.
Animation Balance Point Quotes

“I only know that you can’t fight darkness with darkness. So maybe a Jedi shouldn’t fight violence with violence, either. Sometimes, I even think that the more you fight evil, the more you empower it.”
-Jacen Solo

“Their freedom to make choices means they are free to make wrong ones.”
-Luke Skywalker

“Mara, anything could kill any one of us, today, tomorrow. The Yuuzhan Vong could pull down one of Coruscant’s moons, or we could fall out of a window. Life is risk.”
-Luke Skywalker

“Even if your children ever come home, they really aren’t yours anymore.”
-Leia Organa Solo

“You’re keeping that up with the Force?”
“No. Just my radiant personality.”
-Jaina Solo and Mara Jade Skywalker

“Don’t try to save the whole galaxy yourself. Believe me, it doesn’t work.”
-Luke Skywalker

“You must begin to understand the destiny that approaches you all, star by star, breath by breath.”
-Tsavong Lah

“How many of you does it take to kill someone you call coward?”
-Jacen Solo

‘Plainly, the strength of a hundred-odd Jedi couldn’t keep the galaxy from falling to this menace. One misstep--at one critical moment, by one pivotal person--could doom everyone they’d sworn to protect. No military force could stop this invasion, because it was a spiritual battle. And if one pivotal person fell to the dark side--or even used the ravishing, terrifying power of light in a wrong way--then this time, everything they knew might slide into stifling darkness.’
-Jacen Solo

“Give us your Jeedai. All of them, without exception. Any species, any age, any stage of training. Hold them back, hide them, and you see how your worlds will be treated. But I will reward--with special gifts!--the person who brings me the Jeedai with whom I especially wish to speak. Give me Jacen Solo, alive. So that I may give him to the gods.”
-Tsavong Lah

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All excerts and quotes belong to Kathy Tyers.
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