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Natasja De Witte Lytham St Annes
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design & construction of all your garden needs.
years experience working in the Blackpool & Lytham St Annes on Sea.
1. I'll be your angel (Radio Edit)
2. I'll be your angel (Extended Club)
3. I'll be your angel (Alphazone Remix)
4. I'll be your angel (Minimalistix Remix)
Kira - I'll Be Your Angel  

Having caused a bidding war last year ĎIíll Be Your Angelí is already being hailed as NuLifeís biggest track since Ian van Dahlís ĎCastles in the Sky.í

Natasja De Witte, aka Kira, is no stranger to the limelight. Her first brush with fame came when she appeared on Belgianís answer to Stars In Their Eyes, ĎDiscover a Starí at the tender age of thirteen. Says Kira: ďIíve always loved the buzz of being on stage. My mum used to say I was singing before I could speak. When I was 7 I used to dance around my parents house with crucifixes on and mumís hairbrush thinking I was Madonna.í

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