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  • Germantown Sister City Announced (August, 7 2003)
    "We are really getting the best of both worlds with this one..."
  • President Bush Rocks Nation with Racial Epithets (Januar, 31 2003)
    "This is proof positive that the president of the United States has a religious agenda ..."
  • The New World Is No Place For Europeans (Dezember, 23 2002)
    "That's right, they're waging a war of expansion..."
  • Protests Held In Germantown (November, 4 2002)
    "Sure these Muslims done something wrong, but more violence ain't the answer..."
  • The European Union Invades Poland! (Oktober, 22 2002)
    "The tactics of these cunning socialists are near inconceivable when you think of the many countries that have been subverted by them."
  • Saddam Hussein Is Not A Member Of Stalin's Students (Oktober, 14 2002)
    "He has never been, nor will he ever be..."


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