30 and holding
  LITIGATRIX (Not-For-Profit)
 "Hey guys, I've got an idea..."

Stacey's Biography

Born in the lovely picturesque province of Alberta, Stacey was raised in Fredericton, the City of Slow Men Working in Trees.  She recently returned to the land of her birth for a nice convention and vacation. As it turns out, Calgary is a pleasant little city where the streets make sense and, if you look real hard, you can see mountains. To see 400 pictures of mountains and 50 pictures of dinosaurs from her trip, click here.

After a few years in law school. she has led her classmates on a mass exodus out of the world of private practice and into the world of not-for-profit. She now tells little kids how they can work the system and stay out of jail. Also, she tells them how to deal with bullies. Her advice; hit them with a stick and run.  She does, in fact, rock.  Bow down and kneel before her greatness, and wish you could be like her. 

The three adjectives Stacey uses to describe herself are intuitive, direct and hard-working. The three adjectives others use to describe her cannot be used here, since her husband is the editor of this site and values his life.  Or, at least, has certain body parts he'd like to keep. 

Last year's NB Survivor marked the official beginning to "Staceypalooza", the "Thirty Days of Thirty" set aside to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. Now, the Year of the Stacey is ending, but as she turns 31, we start celebrating NBSurvivor 2006 on her birthday. For those of you who haven't done the math, her birth date is August 4th, 1975, and one of the reasons for this trip. 

As it turns out, Stacey is most like the real Survivor, Stacey.