"WHAT!?! OK!"

Tony Baloney's Biography
Not to be confused with Tony Sekulich or Andre's brother Tony, Tony P. will be referred to by his nickname, Tony Baloney. Like Steve, Tony Baloney is in a rock band, the same one as Steve, in fact, Run on Empty. Tony Baloney plays bass, cause chicks dig bass players. We're not exactly sure what his new job at Avaya involves. He's intentionally vague, or it could be that he doesn’t remember, due to beer related brain damage, and he just shows up for the cheque.

Tony Baloney is apparently quite ready for Survivor Weekend. He often forgets to go to bed during late night drinking benders. He generally tries to 'just have a few drinks, but "a few" ends up meaning 10. He is the inventor of a drink known as "The Porch Climber", the recipe to which is "6 beer + pint of whiskey + pink lemonade + ice + bowl = 3 people good and wrecked quickly". But the best Tony Baloney drunk story is the infamous Ultimate Warrior Milkbag incident. After drinking at his house one fateful night, Tony Baloney had "a few", stripped down, and stuck his legs through one of those milkbags that has 2 other bags in it. Then wearing nothing but his milkbag shorts, he ran up and down the street singing the Ultimate Warrior theme. This was recreated with startling accuracy at last year's Survivor Weekend. He's down with "Down with Pants."

Tony Baloney is bringing Jeannie to the festivites this year. So don't be trying to get into his milkbag pants, ladies.