"Guess what I saw saw on TV last night?”

Tony's Biography
Tony's status this year has been changed from Survivor co-host / furniture to participant. After living at home since the mid seventies, Tony now has his own place in Bathurst. He still has the least amount of travelling to do to get to Survivor Weekend, as Bathurst is less than an hour away. What prompted this bold move? Tony works at Connect North America, selling stuff to Americans. Beats watching Days of Our Lives all day.

He is one of three Tonys attending Survivor Weekend again this year. He's Andre's brother and has been to every Survivor Weekend since the beginning. This gives him seniority over other Survivor Tonys, such as Sekulich and Baloney He prefers to stay in his room most of the time, watching Anime, reading comics, playing Playstation, and emerging for the Survivor meals. Yes, there's a beach in the backyard, but rarely does anything transform into a robot out there.

If there's a Survivor Weekend medal for competitive eating, Tony's got it locked up. One of the reasons why there are so few leftovers, he eats cookies by the bowl and has been known to fight to the death over the last few chicken legs. Get to the stuffing before he does, or all is lost. In fact, he eats almost as much as Andre does.

Tony's birthday is December 28th, 1975. Don't just get him one gift for both Christmas and his birthday. That's just cheap, and the only person it really works for is Jesus.