See our Iguana..."Baby"
Whipster...our first "foster" baby
Hi there. As you can see, we are die-hard Iguana fans. Hope you enjoy our pics as we slowly add to our collection. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at
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our second "foster" baby
Here is a little history on how we got started.
      My  son used to be into the reptile and amphibian scene. Always catching frogs, lizards, snakes, etc.
     In August of 1998 he decides he wants an iguana. I'm thinking, well, not much different than a green anole or a small water turtle. YEAH RIGHT!
     7 months later he did a report in school on Iguanas. We took "Baby", our iguana, to his classroom and he did fine, until the next day when he started breathing through his mouth and I realized that a vet visit was in order.
Turns out he had a respiritory infection, so to make a long story short, he got medication and I got an education! I immediately went to work researching online and finding out all the stuff I was doing wrong.      Now that has been corrected and in the 6 years since that memorable day, Baby has grown to nearly 52  inches long, weighs nearly 10 pounds  and is tub-trained (potty trained). See Picture Below...
     If I had known then, when I walked into that pet store, what was required in keeping these "lean-green-collard machines" I would never have become involved. Now that I am, I am completely smitten.           There is something ethereal.....magical....about taming a wild animal. They are very intelligent creatures. The care that is involved in raising an iguana, however, is not always easy. Little did I know, when walking into that pet store, that my guy could live anywhere from 12-20 years and could grow up to 6 feet in length. (Pray for me! LOL)
     Now, he is bathed and fed daily and held for 15-20 minute sessions at least twice a day. Since joining a few forums I have become involved in  a group in our area called Triangle Iguana Rescue. This site is a record of our experience in raising and fostering iguanas. Enjoy!

PS We have found homes for several other igs as well, but within a few days so they are not listed.
Godzilla            (alias Mr.Z)....our  third "foster" baby
Our 4th "foster"
Squirt...Our 5th "foster" baby
6th "foster" baby
Turk...Our 7th "foster" and first female!
Mr Snerdly...
Our 8th "foster"
Iggy....Our 9th foster baby
Miss Piggy...Our 10th foster
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LB...Our 11th foster
our 12th
our 13th
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