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Welcome to The Sage Page... Hi there! I'm Sage, and I welcome you to my little strand of the World Wide Web where you have stumbled upon my own lame attempt at creating a personal homepage filled with this 'n that, a veritable hodgepodge of my own off-the-wall, humorous tidbits that I either found amusing at one time or felt the need to immortalize for some apparent reason.

I began this potpourri of stuff back in 1997 and frankly have not added or upgraded any work for six years. I find the need to do so now. Geocities is shutting down and no longer hosting these free web pages on October 26, 2009. *snif* I'm not sure of the future of THE SAGE PAGE, only know it was fun putting my memories and fun times into print.

There is still time to surf around The Sage Page a little, you may find yourself having some fun ;)

While you are at it, check out my Music Link. This is amusing in a warped sort of way, filled with Mondegreens. What? You ask, "What is a Mondegreen?" Go see what one is, because you know and I know... you are clueless.

Hey! I also have a Don McLean ''American Pie'' tribute page that will answer some eternal questions regarding this memorable,haunting tune. Feel like listening to a little canned music? I'm also offering you Midi's to grab or play just for fun. What more could you ask for? The arrangements will touch your Soul and leave you spellbound.

On the lighter side, you'll find What I consider Fun Stuff, some Warped Humor, a few Fun Facts and some Silly Stuff.

This next like is hardly worth clicking on, unless you are wild about simple, mediocre Games.

Time flies... (or is that Fruitflys?) Watch the time pass away with a fun Applet that makes it easy for anyone to paint! <----Propaganda I welched from their website. Try the Kaleidoscope Painter and time will fly,uh, unless you are using Netscape. Last time I tried it I got a nasty "You Are Not Java-enabled" notice. You have been forewarned. Kaleidoscope Painter.

I thought this was a hoot...see if you agree. King Arthur

I grew up in the 50's-60's, you'll find some short stories I've written. If you have any siblings you may relate to them...actually, if you have siblings, you are related to them. Anyway, I was a maladjusted middle child and I'm still getting mileage outta that ''middle child syndrome'' line.

Sibling Rivalry Time To Feed The Chickens

Shoot-em-up Westerns

Warm Memories The Kitchen

Summertime The Drive-in

My Mother's Mother Granny Vicki

Holidays were always special around our house. I'd like to share a few Holiday Memories and a special story about my Mom.

Easter The Diabolical Easter Bunny

March 17th St.Paddy's Day

Boooo! Halloween

Miss you Mom My Mother

Who says we can't rhyme?

Sage Poetry

Balloons are Fun! I love 'em!

Pop on over to my balloon page and you too can be the Life of the Party impressing your inebriated friends with a doggie balloon, giraffe, airplane, swan, bunny rabbit...the creations are endless!

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What would a personal homepage be without the Obligatory Links? These links are,corny,weird but mostly fun! More fun homepages can be found on my Webring Page. Check it out! Ready for this?... Serious Sage. I even have some deep stuff... More will be added as my medications change. I have some psychological tests that are strictly for fun...give it a try.

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