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1/32nd Scale Slotcar Racing Association
As of  8/25/2005
"Spec" races will be planned that are exceptions to these rules, such as "Box Stock With Silicones" or "SuperStock Without Magnets".  See Race Schedule for specifics on class rules for a specific date's race.  Rules published for specific race take priority over rules below in cases of conflict.

BOX STOCK:  Car must be run as it came from original packaging, replacement parts can only be same as what came with original packaging.  The following modifications to correct manufacturing defects can be made:
* Sanding of tires for roundness
* Adding spacers to rear axle to reduce excess lateral movement of axle/gear/wheel assembly
* Gluing of original interior or exterior components to restore original condition/position
* Gluing of motor shaft bushings or wheel bushings
* Gluing of hubs on original axle
* Gluing of stock tires on original hubs
* Wheel wells may be slightly triummed if original stock tires in original position binds against body
* Guide can be shaved if track depth is too shallow (for exmple:  Ninco guide on Scalextric Classic track)

Painting and/or decals may be applied to cars.  If car chassis has a removable magnet that can be placed in more than one position as provided by manufacturer, magnet may be placed in either of those positions.  In case of Carrera and Monogram cars, or others that have "adjustable" magnets (not removable), magnet can be slid into any position allowable within the restraints of the magnet mount.  In either case, magnet MUST remain  parallel to track, flush with chassis.  If an additional magnet comes with car but is not installed (ex: Scalextric Sport extra disc magnet), it cannot be used in box stock, but may be allowed in a "spec" race.  No parts that came with original car can be removed, other than above noted modifications that correct mfg. defects.

Box Stock rules plus:
* Silicone tires allowed
* Third party wheels (hubs) may be used
* Wheel wells can be enlarged to accommodate tires
* Car body MUST cover tires when viewed from overhead.
* Lights can be added to cars if not already installed.  If installed, additional lights can be installed as long as   
   car draws less than 25% of available amps of track's power supply on a 4-lane layout.  Rear lights should
   be red where possible
(click here for one easy example of adding lights to a car)
* Car maximum width is such that no part of car extends to the center point of a straight section of track. 
   Specific widths for each manufacture to be determined and published.
* Car maximum height MUST be such that it will pass through all overpasses on track for that specific race.

Super Stock rules plus:
* All magnets MUST be removed from car except motor magnets
* Cars that come with motors rated 22,000 RPM or greater not eligible
* Silicone tires MUST be used
* Any wheels, silicone tires, gears, axles, bushings, guide flags, or braid can be used
* Any amount of weight may be used, but MUST NOT add to length, width or height of car
* If weight is added to underside of car, it MUST NOT touch track rails, and MUST be secured by adhesive
* Car MUST NOT utilize more than 25% of amperage avaialable on power supply of hosting track

Super Stock rules plus below changes resulting in car drawing less than 25% available amps:
* Additional magnets can be added; either to inside or outside of chassis
* Magnets added to outside of chassis MUSTbe flush with bottom of chassis
* Chassis  may be lightened, but chassis MUST remain one piece.
* Body may be lightened, but MUST retain original external appearance (painting, details allowed).
* Car body interior for closed cockpit cars can be removed partially or in total.
* Open cockpit cars MUST have interior
* Third party crown and pinion gears can be used
* "Spec" motors can be used, selection of motor/motors  comparable RPM and torque ratings shall be
    published for racers to choose from

Other races may be scheduled that use the above rules as a base, with changes specified on the race announcement.